How Different Is Texas Actually From The Northeast?

How Different Is Texas Actually From The Northeast?

Although We're In The Same Country, We Do Have Our Differences


After 19 years of living in the North East, I finally made a trip down to the Southern US. I've always been a proud Northerner and never thought I'd make my way to what I've heard Texas to be and actually enjoy it! While exploring the Lone Star State, I found many things that I loved and wanted to bring back to New England, like the streets of downtown Austin and the gorgeous streams and rivers. I also realized just how different the two areas of the same country are. I even thought I was in a different country at one point! As I traveled through a small area around Austin, Texas (because let's face it there's no way that these things apply to entire giant state), I compiled a list of strange Texas things you wouldn't see in New England:

Horizontal stoplights on the largest streets.

The first thing I noticed when I got to Texas was the horizontal stoplights. I found out that they are designed this way because they are sturdier in high winds. Definitely not the weirdest thing about Texas, but an interesting difference.

Getting all your groceries at HEB.

You wouldn't find one Market Basket, Hannafords, Stop and Shop or a Shaws down in Texas. The only grocery store you'll find is called HEB (which no one even knows what it stands for).

The state flag being as important as American flag

I couldn't even tell you what the Massachusetts state flag looks like, but in Texas every time an American flag is hanging, the Texas flag is also waving proudly beside it. Don't underestimate the Texas pride.


Whether it be gas, movie tickets, alcohol or food, I was shocked to find the prices in Texas are all incredibly cheap! Who knew?

Who says drivers in Boston are insane?

Every highway in Texas has above-80 speed limits. It makes sense that since the state is so big, you'd need to travel faster to get anywhere in a decent amount of time. Crazy.

Not one fast food place is the same.

Seeing a Burger King or Taco Bell is a rarity in Texas. There's so many other delicious fast food hamburger or Mexican places to eat at in the area, that the big chains tend to get left behind!

Everything in Texas is truly bigger.

This gas station pictured above includes over 50 gas pumps, and the largest gas convenience store you'll ever see in your life. It's as big as my local Walmart back home in the East Coast! Everything else you can think of in Texas is bigger than usual, including water at restaurants and parking lots. The only thing New England has that's larger than Texas, is our beautiful trees.

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