10 Ways You Can Be A Back Home Baller This Summer
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10 Ways You Can Be A Back Home Baller This Summer

Time to live it up.

10 Ways You Can Be A Back Home Baller This Summer

If you haven't seen the SNL sketch, "Back Home Ballers", please stop what you're doing. Keep this article open, click here to go watch it, then come on back to read more. It's a hilarious sketch about how bomb it is to be a college kid home for the holidays. The sketch mentions a lot of great details--we don't have to wash the dishes, we don't have to pay for laundry, the fridge is always stocked, etc. However, that's just for a few days over Thanksgiving break. A lot of college students live at home for the summer as they work, and that three months can feel like a long time. So, here's some things you're gonna wanna take advantage of while you're home to remain a back home baller:

1. Let your parents take you out for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast.

When you're at school, going out to eat is a medley of deciding what to eat based on price rather than taste, trying to split the bill between eight people, and greatly annoying the waiter. With your fam, you can get wild with the appetizers, desserts, and the best entrees. Appreciate it while you can still can!

2. Snuggle up to your pet.

Most schools don't allow pets, and once your graduate, it's hard to find the time and money to care for a pet of your own. Coming home to a fluffy puppy, a cuddly cat, or whatever kind of pet you have at home can be a real mood-lifter after a long day of work.

3. Eat all the homemade food you can get.

No one can cook as good as your mom.

4. Sleep in your own large, comfy bed in your own room.

You might miss your roommate, but you probably won't miss waking up to their snoring.

5. Watch your favorite DVDs on a large flat screen TV.

Hardly anyone owns DVDs at school, but if your parents are anything like mine, they have an entire collection. Relax on the couch and watch some oldies.

6. Make some Pinterest recipes you've been saving.

My mom has every baking ingredient and tool known to man. The other day, I made coconut macaroons just because I knew we had a bag of coconut flakes in the freezer.

7. Use your parents' cars.

If you're like me and don't own a car because you go to school in a city, it's nice to have a cool car to drive around in once you're home.

8. Enjoy not going to the University gym.

If your parents have their own exercise equipment in their own house, enjoy having your own space to work out in.

9. Hit up all your old high school friends.

Some of them you might not have seen since Christmas, or even earlier. Visit some of the favorite hang-outs in town!

10. Have some fun nights in with your family.

This is probably one of the last summers you'll be living at home. Pretty soon, you'll be getting a great job, your own apartment, and growing up. Enjoy spending some quality time with your family before that time comes.

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