9 Little House Plants To Brighten Your Mood On A Rough Day

9 Little House Plants To Brighten Your Mood On A Rough Day

I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity lately, thus I’ve been thinking a lot about plants.

I’m a certified plant lover and have been since an extremely young age. I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity lately, thus I’ve been thinking a lot about plants. Plants, and more generally, nature, are known to boost your mood and are often used in medicinal healing as energizing stimulants. Thus, to help out anyone has been having as shit a time as I have: here are some plants to make you feel better.

1. Haworthia cooperi (basically looks like a tiny volcano)

According to Dave’s Garden, these lil’ guys are part of the aloe family. They look like any old succulent, but I chose this strain because it basically looks like a small leaf with lava running through it. If a tiny lava plant doesn’t bring your spirits up, I’m not sure what will.

2. Echeveria elegans (the typical succulent)

What’s so bad about being typical? There’s a reason this strain happens to be one of the most popular succulents: it’s cute, and easy to care for. Just needs a little bit of water and sunshine, something you could probably use too :)

3. Mini Orchids (everything is better when it’s mini)

I guess it doesn’t technically have to be mini (but I feel like everything that’s smaller is cuter? It’s just a weird thing about human nature, not sure.) Regardless, orchids are sure to add a pop of color to your day and they smell amazing. Also, according to japanese feng shui these bright buds happen to create more positive energy in within the house and its owners. Everyone could use a little positive energy boost now and then.

4. Jade plant (cute little tree with mushy leaves)

Jade is known as a plant of good fortune—and odds are if you’re having a downer day, you could use some luck. They’re very similar to succulents in their minimal needs and have a similar look. They tend to resemble small trees. Who couldn’t use a small, lucky tree?

5. Chinese money plant (tiny bush with big circle leaves)

Similar to the Jade Plant, this guy helps with luck, but as the name suggests, its centered around financial prosperity. Legend says, if you place a coin in the soil you will miraculously begin to attract wealth. Money may not make the world go round, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Also, the leaves are just so cute, who can resist?

6. Air plants (they kind of look dead but then they flower every once in a blue moon)

Air plants are probably the most low key of all the plants. A simple sprinkling, of water every once in awhile and voila—you got yourself a new buddy.

7. Lucky bamboo (classic bathroom plant)

As you can assume from the name, these are plants meant to bring luck. I generally associate them with little clear vases filled with an assortment of marbles in random bathrooms (maybe it’s just me?) Regardless, they’re easy upkeep and have a really refreshing look to them—much needed if you ask me.

8. Jasmine (smells like the pearly gates of heaven)

While orchids do smell fantastic, jasmine is my all-time favorite scent. Aside from the sweet aroma and cute little white flowers, this plant is supposed to aid in relationships, romantic or otherwise. The scent is also said to relieve stress.

9. Regular ol’ bonsai (a tiny, perfect tree that makes you feel like you have s green thumb if it survives)

I love bonsais because they’re small trees that need a lot of TLC (I like to equate myself to a bonsai at times). To grow a bonsai takes a lot of patience and effort, so I like to think of it as a good way to add some structure, de-stressing, and bliss to your life.

Maybe plants aren’t your thing or you’re calling total BS on their spiritual properties, but regardless there’s no denying they liven up a room.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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12 Things Only Low-Maintenance Girls Understand

I promise we aren’t lazy, just easy going.

Sometimes low-maintenance girls are looked at as lazy or sloppy. But in reality, I think low-maintenance girls are just so confident in who they are that putting in that extra effort isn't important to them.

Here are 12 things that only low-maintenance girls understand:

1. Leggings or sweat pants and a T-shirt is your normal everyday outfit

Why spend the day uncomfortable in some tight jeans or mini skirt when you can lounge around in some comfy clothes? We aren't here to impress anyone, we are just trying to sit back and chill.

2. Makeup is a special occasion

If you catch a low-maintenance girl with makeup on, take it as a compliment. We are trying to touch our face and rub our eyes as much as we'd like without makeup getting in the way. Not to mention, we wouldn't dare spend over $15 on some foundation.

3. We would rather stay in with a movie then go out for the evening

Something low-key and low stress always sounds better than spending the time, and the money, for a night out. I am perfectly content with taking advantage of my $7.99 monthly payment for Netflix.

4. You're always the first one ready

While your friends spend hours doing their hair, makeup and then finding the perfect outfit, you sit around and wait. Your 10 minutes thrown-together-look gives you time to nap while everyone else takes their sweet time.

5. When you say you "don't care what we do," you really don't care

Seriously, a date night off the McDonald's dollar menu is fine by me. I am not expecting you to wine and dine me on a big extravagant evening, I'm just trying to get a Big Mac in my mouth.

6. Your messy bun isn't a fashion statement, it's actually just your hairstyle

We aren't about to spend time curling or straightening our hair everyday. Every day is a good day to throw your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

7. The extent of your jewelry collection is one pair of earrings and maybe a necklace

Who needs more than one pair of earrings? Diamond studs match everything… right?

8. And your shoe collection is even smaller

Should I wear flip-flops or Converse?

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10. Your favorite gifts are the sentimental ones, not the expensive ones

A homemade card or a small gift that makes someone think of you is forever better and more meaningful than an expensive present. I don't want your money, I just want to know you thought of me.

11. You don't put in the effort to chase after a guy

I'm awesome and I know it. If a guy is worth it enough to be in my life, he can come after me. I am not down for any games or players. Just someone who embraces my low-maintenance qualities.

12. You are always the first person to help someone out

Giving your friends a ride or lending them two dollars isn't a huge deal. Just helping someone out gives you peace of mind. Everyone should have time to help a homie out.

Cover Image Credit: http://www.cosboots.com/sale/christmas/christmas.html

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Quality Testing 5 Different Dollar Store Makeup Products

Do you really get what you pay for, or is the bargain actually a great deal?


The dollar Tree boasts the slogan, 'Everything's 1 Dollar!" a price that beats many, if not most, other stores price-wise. I've found, through some of my many expeditions in this store, that there are a lot of hit-or-miss items there. I decided to experiment with the makeup, and see if it is worth it. I put the items that I tested down below, with a detailed description of my opinions. Some of them are really good, while others...are not. It's worth it, to splurge for quality on these items.

L.A. Colors Eye Shadow Palette

Woman Showing Eye Shadow · Free Stock Photo


This is hands down, my favorite makeup product from the dollar store. The palette I chose, 'Nude' has a lot of different colors that I really like, and that are easy to blend and merge so you can get a look like the image above. It's actually my favorite eyeshadow that I've ever owned, and it looks so good on. I love the palette because the colors are very easy to control the application of. It doesn't go on too thin, and if you add too much, simply brush it down a , it blends in. Applying the eyeshadow is easy and simple, too. It glides on nicely and doesn't clump. The one issue I have is that it smudges a little after a while. It's good for daily routines, just make sure you're glancing at your mirror every 2 hours or so, to catch it before it smudges, and blend around the edge with a finger or brush.

Colormates Mascara

Selective Focus Photo of Mascara · Free Stock Photo


This mascara is not bad as a starter, or for practice...or for a dollar. But if you want it to look professional, I wouldn't recommend it. The mascara isn't a bad color and isn't a bad consistency. The problem is that it clumps a lot, and makes eyelashes look thinner than before. It's definitely not the worst product, but I wouldn't say it was the best either.

L.A.Colors Brow Powder

A bunch of make-up brushes · Free Stock Photo


I'll admit, I'm not the best judge of this product. I don't do anything to my eyebrows, and I'm not sure how to do anything to my eyebrows. HOWEVER, I can say that this product was not my favorite. The quality was good, as it didn't wash out easily, and stayed on for a long time. What I didn't like about the product was the fact that the two colors given looked fake. They didn't look like real colors. They also went on too thin to look natural, and too thick to look feminine. When I applied it, I Still like a guy. My eyebrows were thick, and looked painted on, even though my normal eyebrows aren't like that at all.

L.A.Colors Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner around eye


Liquid eyeliner is not my friend. I have a couple of different brands, and I still can't seem to get a straight line. That being said, I wouldn't recommend this product. My biggest issue is that it's too liquid-y. It doesn't drip, but the stick catches a lot, and then it pours off the brush into bumpy lines. I also don't love this product because the stick is uncomfortable, and has little control.

L.A.Colors Pencil Eyeliner

Finally, at the bottom, a product that I do not recommend at all. This one is much easier to use than the liquid liner, but I still don't love it. The pencil's product does not come off easily, so I end up pushing much harder than I would like to and feel safe doing. The pencil also, when wet, doesn't let any of the eyeliner out. You have to let it air dry before it will work again, which is really annoying when working the inner eyelid. The pencil is my least favorite product because it feels unsafe to use, is annoying, and never seems to work well.

As you can see, bargain hunting is no picnic. There are some obvious fails, but other products are pretty good. I'd use most of these again, but the bottom two, the eyeliners, I would say go to a higher-end store and get the quality that they would sell. Still, this was a fun experiment and pleasantly surprised me with the quality of the products. Follow the link here next week, and I'll show 5 products that I would NEVER recommend you purchase.

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