9 Little House Plants To Brighten Your Mood On A Rough Day

9 Little House Plants To Brighten Your Mood On A Rough Day

I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity lately, thus I’ve been thinking a lot about plants.


I’m a certified plant lover and have been since an extremely young age. I’ve been dealing with a lot of negativity lately, thus I’ve been thinking a lot about plants. Plants, and more generally, nature, are known to boost your mood and are often used in medicinal healing as energizing stimulants. Thus, to help out anyone has been having as shit a time as I have: here are some plants to make you feel better.

1. Haworthia cooperi (basically looks like a tiny volcano)

According to Dave’s Garden, these lil’ guys are part of the aloe family. They look like any old succulent, but I chose this strain because it basically looks like a small leaf with lava running through it. If a tiny lava plant doesn’t bring your spirits up, I’m not sure what will.

2. Echeveria elegans (the typical succulent)

What’s so bad about being typical? There’s a reason this strain happens to be one of the most popular succulents: it’s cute, and easy to care for. Just needs a little bit of water and sunshine, something you could probably use too :)

3. Mini Orchids (everything is better when it’s mini)

I guess it doesn’t technically have to be mini (but I feel like everything that’s smaller is cuter? It’s just a weird thing about human nature, not sure.) Regardless, orchids are sure to add a pop of color to your day and they smell amazing. Also, according to japanese feng shui these bright buds happen to create more positive energy in within the house and its owners. Everyone could use a little positive energy boost now and then.

4. Jade plant (cute little tree with mushy leaves)

Jade is known as a plant of good fortune—and odds are if you’re having a downer day, you could use some luck. They’re very similar to succulents in their minimal needs and have a similar look. They tend to resemble small trees. Who couldn’t use a small, lucky tree?

5. Chinese money plant (tiny bush with big circle leaves)

Similar to the Jade Plant, this guy helps with luck, but as the name suggests, its centered around financial prosperity. Legend says, if you place a coin in the soil you will miraculously begin to attract wealth. Money may not make the world go round, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Also, the leaves are just so cute, who can resist?

6. Air plants (they kind of look dead but then they flower every once in a blue moon)

Air plants are probably the most low key of all the plants. A simple sprinkling, of water every once in awhile and voila—you got yourself a new buddy.

7. Lucky bamboo (classic bathroom plant)

As you can assume from the name, these are plants meant to bring luck. I generally associate them with little clear vases filled with an assortment of marbles in random bathrooms (maybe it’s just me?) Regardless, they’re easy upkeep and have a really refreshing look to them—much needed if you ask me.

8. Jasmine (smells like the pearly gates of heaven)

While orchids do smell fantastic, jasmine is my all-time favorite scent. Aside from the sweet aroma and cute little white flowers, this plant is supposed to aid in relationships, romantic or otherwise. The scent is also said to relieve stress.

9. Regular ol’ bonsai (a tiny, perfect tree that makes you feel like you have s green thumb if it survives)

I love bonsais because they’re small trees that need a lot of TLC (I like to equate myself to a bonsai at times). To grow a bonsai takes a lot of patience and effort, so I like to think of it as a good way to add some structure, de-stressing, and bliss to your life.

Maybe plants aren’t your thing or you’re calling total BS on their spiritual properties, but regardless there’s no denying they liven up a room.

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