This Halloween, Embrace The Scare

I have friends who love horror movies. I also have friends who try to get as far away as possible when it comes to horror movies. I like to think of myself in the middle.

There's something I just can't do about the gory movies. I understand it's all fake, but I guess I'm too squeamish to watch someone spurt out that much fake blood. But there are people who laugh at that kind of stuff.

I prefer creepy things, the things that twist reality more than they introduce a central serial killer into the mix. It's movies like "The Orphan," "The Invitation," "Hush," and others that, when you think about it, are very far-fetched but have more of a chance of actually happening than someone running around and killing people with a chainsaw.

I also like the slow build, not knowing what's going to happen for most of the movie other than the fact that something is going to happen -- and not even being able to guess what that something is. Yes, most of the time it's someone dying but the reason behind it most of the time is anyone's guess.

I would rather feel uneasy watching a horror movie about the actual plot of the movie instead of the gore it has. When I watched "The Invitation" with my roommates, we were all unsettled by not only the characters we assumed were the antagonists but the protagonist himself. Between the dialogue, the music, and the visuals, it was anyone's guess to how the movie would actually end and who would make it out.

While I prefer movies with a touch of reality, I do still have to remind myself that they're not real. That's the beauty of a horror movie; it's designed to at least spook you a little -- and it's spooky season, which means it's just time to embrace the scare.

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