Top 10 Horror Movies Guaranteed to Chill your Bones
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10 Horror Movies Guaranteed To Chill Your Bones

Because I want to have the s*** scared out of me sometimes

10 Horror Movies Guaranteed To Chill Your Bones

These are the movies that I think everyone should watch if they haven't already. I have always loved horror movies so finding ones that will scare me is quiet challenging. I am picky when it comes to horror movies because a lot of the ones online are kind of boring or silly when it comes to horror. It needs to be original and made well in order to qualify in my books. I hope by providing a list of my top 10 that you will watch them and enjoy them. Or if you already have seen them that you will agree with them being pretty good horror movies.

1. "The Conjuring"

No matter how many times I watch this movie it still gives me the 'heebie jeebies'. I remember going to opening night thinking what have I done. It has all the right elements a good background story, creepy house, scary dark basement and oh yeah a bunch of evil spirits.It doesn't help that this movie was based on real events.

2. "The Possession"

The Possession is about a little girl who buys a music box from a yard sale not knowing that the music box contains a demon who once released possess children. She brings the box home that is when things take a turn for the worst.

3. "The Woman in Black"

The Woman in Black is about a vengeful spirit who when alive was wronged. She comes back to reach havvock on the town and anyone who gets in her way.

4. "The Autopsy of Jane Doe"

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is about a young woman whose body mysteriously shows up at the morgue.There is nothing wrong with her outwardly but when taking a closer look the examiners notice that something is seriously wrong with the girl.

5. "Insidious"

This movie will send chills down your spine, several jump scares that will send you through the roof. This movie is about a family who has always had some connection with the dead. The family doesn't want to believe they are being haunted but, when there son falls asleep and is suddenly taken to a different realm it's up to the family to get him back.

6. "Annabelle"

Annabelle will definitely make you rethink having dolls in your house. Who knew that such an innocent looking doll could cause so much chaos and death.

7. "Jeepers Creepers"

Jeepers Creepers is about a flesh eating monster that comes back every twenty-eight years to feed. Can he be killed?, no one knows but the real question is 'will you be safe when he returns'?.

8. "A Haunting In Connecticut"

A Haunting in Connecticut has all the right elements for an amazing horror movie. It has disturbing images which you probably shouldn't watch alone at night. It doesn't help that this movie was based on a families real experiences with the paranormal.

9. " The Silence of the Lambs"

We all know the movie The Silence of the Lambs whether someone has told us the gory details or we have seen it ourselves. No matter how hard we try not to think about the creepy and horrifying things Dr. Hannibal Lecter did we still cant seem to get the images out of our minds.

10. "Sweeney Todd"

The movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was brilliant. Johnny Depp was amazing when it came to his role of Sweeney Todd. This movie is a must watch but I am warning you there is a lot of blood and gore so brace yourself.

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