I Hope You Find Your Peace

Who would've thought Kesha would have inspired this piece? But her song "Prayin'" will hit you in all the feels if you're a human being who has lost touch with someone who once made an incredible impact on you.

A wonderful friend once told me that life moves in seasons. Not your typical four seasons, but these seasons of life mark one's emotions, relationships, and random happenings. With these seasons, sometimes we are at an all time high, purely elated with who we are surrounded by, what we are doing for ourselves, and seeing all of the pieces of our life puzzle flawlessly mold together. In certain seasons, you will find people that seem to have a particular hold over you. Not in a negative way, but an inspiring way, an impactful way, a "holy sh*t I'm so lucky to have this person in my life" kind of way.

But time may alter this season; what may once have been flawless begins to wear away. It becomes different. Things get in the way. And you may try and piece it back together but it won't be the same. Because in the back of your mind you know you're forcing things. When things require too much unnatural effort, you know that it's not all that it should be. You know there are things that need some fixing, some work. And maybe you'll never be back to what you were, but you know you'll progress.

This season will bring difficulties. It will bring what if's. It will bring "should've, would've, could'ves." It will have you thinking of where in the world they are and if you've ever crossed their mind, even once. It will have you wondering if they feel like they lost a good thing. It will have you question yourself and what about you was the reason why things changed. You're allowed to think these things, but as time moves forward, you will begin to rid the anger, the frustration, the sadness, the ambiguity, and feel empowered by who you are and where your journey is taking you.

You will feel less angst towards the ones who walked away. Instead, you will understand the reasoning behind meeting who you have met, the purpose behind the relationship, the life lessons acquired by these interactions. And you will wish the best for them. As difficult as it may be, you will want them to be happy. Because you care, you always have, you always will, no matter how much has changed. You will replace the anger with hopes that they too, have unveiled a new layer of their being, that they find their peace, that they are changing for the better, just like you are. You will rid the voices in your head that say this season will last forever, because you understand you are stronger than this.

Your strength will be full empathy - seeing life from their perspective, attempting to understand their rationale for it all, and ultimately wishing them the very best. Because you know you wouldn't fully be you without their presence. Even if things are different. They've molded you somehow. That's growth. Your heart is happiest when those you care about are happiest. Simple as that. At the end of the day, you just secretly pray they're wishing the very best for you too.

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