There are so many movies and TV shows about finding love. Many people are fascinated with the idea. But hookup culture rules our society it seems. But is hookup culture inhibiting our platonic relationships? Is it inhibiting our self-esteem?

Needless to say, a lot of us have a very difficult time with love, especially me.

I am only going to cover the women's side of this because it's the only side where I can add my perspective. Rather than supporting each other, girls are dragging each other down. They get competitive or think less of themselves when the boys that are the object of their affection don't pay attention to only them.

My lack of luck in the love department (I have an uncanny skill of finding crazy, emotionally unavailable men) has taught me a few things. First other women are not your competition. If there is another woman with the man of your affection, maybe, and just maybe, HE'S NOT THE GUY FOR YOU!

I have a call to all women. Stand up for yourself. If you start pursuing what you want, I promise you will get it. Start asking yourself this question:

What do I deserve?

This is a very powerful question for me. I recently went through a whirlwind romance with someone I thought cared about me. News flash: he didn't. I started going through hell.

My grandfather passed away, and we were very close. A lot of other things happened, and I was hurting very badly. I kept putting myself down. My mom's best friend got lunch with me and I told her everything that was happening. I remember she looked at me like I was crazy and told me, "Do you really think you deserve all of this?"

She asked me why I was putting myself into that situation and I realized I control my own happiness.

I am the first woman in my family who has gone to college. I will graduate and start my career. I have a lot of life to live, and I am not going to spend another minute hating the women around me that think they can ruin my happiness by trying to steal the man I am with. If you can steal him, then he wasn't mine, to begin with.

I realized that I am fun, attractive, adventurous, funny, intelligent and excuse my language but I am a certified Bad Ass Woman. Women start bragging on yourself! Start realizing you are worth the world.

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