How To Decorate Basic Apartment

9 Ways To Make Your Beige Apartment Feel Like Home Without Breaking The Bank

London gloom is not a joke.


Moving into a new apartment is always exciting but it can also be terrifying. It can especially be terrifying if said apartment is in a new country. Rewind to September when I moved into my "flat" in London only for me and my flatmate to discover it was cold, beige, and ugly. Our place needed some serious TLC. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry when I first moved in. I know I know, you're probably thinking I'm being overdramatic and I should be grateful I have a place to live in, and I get that. But, when you move so far from home for so long, you want something cozy and inviting to come back to, especially if you've had a bad day. Fast forward to now, we've started making our space cozier, and it really has made a difference.

1. Cushion Covers

This doesn't even sound like it would make a difference, but it does. We had old orange and brown cushion covers that were fading. The solution? Cute color block cushion covers in warm colors that also made it look like civilized humans lived there.

2. A throw for the couch

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Our couch is more of a loveseat than a couch if we're being honest (at least it's a pull out), but adding a throw (more warm colors) adds that extra oomph of coziness and we love it (especially for the London weather).

3. A coffee/tea/hot chocolate corner

My favorite part of the entire flat would have to be the kitchen area. I love having an open kitchen so it makes our small flat look less small. We have an open cabinet section that we decided to use for our hot drink needs. We usually keep boxes of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, mugs, and our French press in this cabinet. The best finishing touch? Our framed "Central Perk" sign. Now it's legit.

4. Table Runner

Our new blush color chiffon makes for a beautiful runner! Event planner: @jubileelau | Florals by @michaeldaigiandesign. @… | Rustic & Vintage Weddings in 2018 | Pinterest | Wedding, Rose wedding and Dusty rose wedding

To add more color to our bland living/dining area we opted for a table runner instead of a full-on tablecloth (our white rustic dining table is pretty cool in my opinion).

5. Plants

What better way to spruce up an apartment than to add plants!! We kept them small, mainly because that's all we could fit, but it works.

6. Decorative vase

Could we put fresh flowers in this vase if we wanted? Yes. Would it still look good if we didn't? Yes. What more could I say?

7. Candles

Candles just make everything cozier, don't they?

8. Rug

I remember not understanding the point of rugs as I was a kid. Now that I'm an adult and living away from home, a rug really does bring a room together. Lesson learned.

9. Poster Prints

You know what else I learned about our apartment? We can't get pushpins into the wall, the solution? Taping posters onto our beige walls.

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8 Reasons Girls Who Love Tequila Are Better

Because if she can handle tequila, she can handle you too.

There are all kinds of alcohol stereotypes out there but the one associated with tequila is probably the worst: tequila makes you crazy. But if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that women who drink tequila are one-of-a-kind.

Whether it's loving or fighting, you'll never find anyone who does it better than a girl who just straight up loves tequila, and here are a few reasons why that is.

1. She's independent

A girl who drinks tequila is probably the same girl who has absolutely no problem telling it like it is. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

2. She doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks

Oh, you have a problem with me taking shots and having a good time? Well, get over it! Bartender, a shot with salt and a lime please!

3. Always dancing

Tequila is an 'upper' so instead of sitting at the bar doing nothing, let's dance! Let's get moving!

4. There is never a dull moment

Speaking of dancing, a girl who drinks tequila is always down for a good time. Whether it's going on an adventure or seeing who can take the most shots, a tequila girl is always down to party.

5. While everyone else is starting to get sleepy, she has all the energy

Like I said, tequila is an 'upper' so while the other girls at the bar are starting to feel groggy and sad, she's all over the place having fun and partying on the dancefloor.

6. She's stronger than the girl crying over a vodka cranberry at the bar.

Sad over a breakup? Don't go for the vodka... Tequila will make you feel better in no time! Plus you can challenge the hot guys at the bar to a shot taking contest.

7. Tequila is healthy for you

Tequila is a probiotic, so some tequila a day keeps the doctor away. Yay for shots!

8. She can hold her own when it comes to alcohol

Any girl who can shoot some shots at the bar all day and night can handle alcohol, which means she can handle herself too. You won't have to deal with her constant breakdowns and mood swings because she will be too busy ordering more shots.

Cover Image Credit: Whiskey Riff

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You Should 100 Percent Not Go Out To Eat If You're NOT Going To Tip 18 Percent, Or More

My current summer job is serving at a restaurant and it is the first serving job I have ever had. Here is what I have learned so far, in terms of tipping.


Being a server can be the best job at times and the worst job at times.

Most servers only make between 3 and 3.50 hourly, we rely solely on tips.

There is nothing more disappointing than picking up the check from a table and seeing that they tipped you under 20 percent. I would say a good rule of thumb is to always tip your server 20 percent unless you have a valid reason not to. If their service was truly terrible, then tip them under, but when their service was good and the meal was good too, you have no reason not to tip 20 percent.

I've been serving about 2 weeks now and I have been undertipped or not tipped at all several times.

I'm still learning as I go, but I think I am a good server. I always greet my customers, offer input on the menu, and constantly check on them during the meal. I can confidently say that I think I am worth a 20 percent tip. When I see that someone did not tip me what they should have, it's upsetting. I always wonder what I could have done to earn a better tip but the fact is that some people are just oblivious.

Some people are not aware that you are supposed to tip 18 percent as the bare minimum.

When I don't receive a tip at all, it feels like a waste of time. I put in your orders, brought your food to you, made sure you were enjoying my meal, constantly offered my services, and you don't tip me? Not tipping your server is just plain rude.

There are always some people that tip over 20 percent so, for the most part, it evens out between these people and those who do not tip, but there is no excuse for not tipping your server.

In conclusion, don't eat out if you are not going to leave a decent tip for your server.

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