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This past weekend, my boyfriend and I made a short trip to his family's farm in Ravenden Springs, Arkansas. Before making this trip, he had described this place as nothing but amazing. Being from a small town in Illinois, I was excited to see what this place was really like. I've always loved the great outdoors and the way it made me feel.

Before we began the short (but beautiful) 45 minute drive, I was sure to grab my GoPro (my most prized possession). In the past, I have taken this with me on every trip I've made. Although I wish I had better editing softwares and higher quality cameras, I truly find beauty in the stories that videos tell. Piecing together the most beautiful moments and putting them next to each other in one video is truly an art form.

As we drove on the highway, I started to film everything. Which, might I add, he did not know I was doing for the majority of this trip. Once we arrived, I immediately felt at home. He drove me around their property and showed me the beautiful and open rolling hills, the dozens of cattle that they owned, and the creek that ran throughout the entire property.

Growing up, I would always be doing something in the creek that surrounded my house. In fact, there were multiple times that my parents would have to search for me in the middle of the woods because I would never come home when they told me to. Therefore, hearing the sound of the rushing creek after the heavy rain we had gotten, was absolutely calming and comforting.

The best part about this entire excursion was seeing how happy it had made him just to be here, to what most people would be the middle of nowhere. This land has been in his family for many generations, and seeing the pride he has in it was absolutely amazing.

By the end of the day, I had taken enough videos to make a short video of all of the beautiful things this place had to offer. Although I was excited to make this video for Cade and his family, I had no idea how much it would really mean to them. In my opinion, people are the most important thing in everyone's life. Possessions are only temporary and the memories you make with the people you love are worth way more.

But then I thought, maybe the places we go with these people are just as important. Although it really doesn't matter where you are in this world as long as you're with people who make you happy, sometimes the location can amplify how you feel about it.

So here, my friends, is the video I made after a short 2 hour trip in "the middle of nowhere" Arkansas. It might just surprise you how beautiful it is. Enjoy!

Prince Cattle Farm from Monica Lieving on Vimeo.

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