Small Town Living

You are 5 about to go into kindergarten and you see a girl with long hair and bangs. Little do you know that girl is about to be with you for the next 13 years.

You are in the 6th grade when your counselor comes into your homeroom to explain that a teacher you have had for the last 6 years has passed away from cancer, the senior you only knew through your babysitter, unfortunately, took her own life, and the boy you used to ride the bus with was shot by his own grandfather 10 minutes from your own home.

It is your first day of freshman year, you are scrambling to find your locker and your classes. Now you are at your first football game, your first homecoming. Then the next thing you know it is the first day of your senior year and now all the "lasts" start.

Your last football game, last homecoming, last prom everything that was a first 4 years ago is now a last. You have grown up in this small little country town for the last 13 years of your life.

You drove 30 minutes to the nearest shopping center, you grew up living on gravel, and having a drive your tractor to school day. This is the town that you made your roots in, this is the house that you grew up in.

You have made a lifetime of memories, a lifetime of laughter, good times and bad. The girl you never thought you would be best friends with is now your best friend and you get to walk across the stage with her and cheer her on.

The only 18 of you that have been there from the very beginning to the very end are all going to different colleges. When you give a girl a small town she was will always be a small-town girl, she will always remember the road that leads to school that had corn growing up to it.

She'll remember how bright the stars are at night without all the city lights, how peaceful the night sounded without all the passing cars. You can take the girl out of the small town, but you will never be able to take the small town out of the girl.

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