It is crazy how once you return to an environment that once was yours, a rush of emotions return to you as well. That was the case for me over this winter break; I had been home for a week around Thanksgiving, but something was different this time around.

I am a firm believer that the fact that I spent a longer period of time home over this break truly allowed nostalgic feelings to resurface and warrant a little piece of me to not want to leave. A big factor in these feelings is the weather; I was born and raised in Miami, FL and have been spoiled rotten with the luxury of having summer year 'round. Over this break, I have been able to workout along the beach every day as I used to. To me, exercising in this setting is very meditative; I am allowed to cater to my goals of self-improvement in an environment that brings me peace and clarity.

Another factor that caused nostalgic feelings to surface is the experiences shared with friends that aligned with the way things were before college. It was my best friend and I, in my red beetle on the open road; that is what senior year was like, and to come back and do the same makes me wish times like those never had to end.

On the other hand, I have had such an amazing experience at college and have met great new people. I am at the school I have always wanted to go to and am involved in all organizations I wanted to be apart of, building the future I dream of. I feel that I am presented with such an array of opportunities due to the institution I attend.

When I am on campus I am always filled with joy and pride, surrounded by supportive individuals.

I wholeheartedly love college and rarely think of home when I am there; but when I am home, all I can think about is not wanting to leave. I feel that these feelings are part of my growth as an individual; letting go and establishing a place of my own to call home, not necessarily real estate-wise but more figuratively for my place/purpose on this earth.

For now, I'll remain homesick at home, but also remain motivated to find my own.