I've heard it around that it is apparently July? Not sure who allowed this but summer is flying by, my friends. Even though I'm already having post summer depression a month and a half early, I'm starting to think that I'm actually about to hit the sweet spot of summer. I love being at school but if you're anything like me you and your parents have a countdown to when you're coming home. But sometimes you come home and then your parents ask you if you've showered today or tell you to put on more sunscreen and in those moments you wonder why anyone thought this would be a good idea.

Try to be kind to your parents. Recently I was having dinner with one of my dear friends and her sweet Mama. Said friend did a dare devil activity in a foreign country and said sweet mama was not happy about it. This sparked a conversation about how can you be scared to death about what your kid does but also be proud of them for facing their fears?

Guys, our parents worry about us all the time. So when they tell you to put on more sunscreen it's really just them trying to take back some of the control that was thrown out the window the second they moved you into your dorm room freshman year. Me and my mom call ourselves the Gilmore Girls gone blonde but being honest I wasn't 100% sure we were making it out of June alive. It takes some time to adjust and here are some tips that have worked for me.

1. Know when you need some time apart.

Acknowledging that there is a need for some space is not a bad thing at all. To solve this I went on a study abroad for two weeks like the spoiled brat I am, but a quick walk around the block also works just fine.

2. Add in some buffers

You're lying if you say you behave best without guests. Get your friends up in here! Get your family members! They will restore peace to the land without even knowing it.

3. Enjoy things you used to do together

The best way to get back to normal is to get back to normal! Plan a night out to an old favorite restaurant or play a board game you always played as a kid.

4. When necessary, be honest

If you think that if your Dad tells you one more time to drink water that you might spontaneously combust, it may be time to gently remind him that you've been hydrating like a champ on your own for many years.

5. Ask them how they're doing

When you're at college how much do you really ask about what's going on in your parents' lives. You definitely asked them to put money in your account and they would have rather heard about your date party than tell you about their grocery store run, but making people feel special is a good way to start. It's time for you to listen and get caught up on what's going on with them.

In addition to people claiming it's July, these people are also making erroneous claims that I'm getting a job in two years? So that means no real summer. Keep that in mind peeps, these times are so precious. With that said, when your mom suggests that the lifeguard over there is a perfect match for you and he's clearly 15, just say he's super hot and move on with your day! Get over yourself, she carried you in her belly AND she wiped your butt.