The one thing that got most of us through finals (and, let's be honest, the entire school year) was the fact that we knew we would be coming back home for the summer. Here are a few things you might experience this summer, as told by the cast of 'Gossip Girl.'

1. Swiftly reclaiming your rightful position in the household

2. You may be home, but recovering from finals is no joke

3. Naturally still feeling stressed because that's how you felt all school year

4. Finally being able to catch up on everything you missed while you were at school

5. Being excited to have so much more free time... but then getting super bored right away

6. When your mom says that she's too busy to hang out with you

7. Knowing that you are in the proximity of home cooking

8. Food is just a really big perk to being home

9. Realizing that with summer comes a summer job

10. You just really don't appreciate it when people remind you that you still have to work

11. Others may have high-profile internships, but you have other priorities

12. Running into everyone you knew from high school who literally mean nothing to you now

13. Missing talking to your college friends on a regular basis

14. Doing nothing all day and still complaining about everything

15. Finally, there is your summer expectation...

16. ... And then there's your summer reality

Chances are that your home isn't located on the Upper East Side. However, that doesn't mean that 'Gossip Girl' isn't relevant to your new situation of being a college student on summer break. Relax, make some money, spend time with family and friends... just soak up summer while you can. And maybe binge watch 'Gossip Girl' on Netflix while you're at it.