9 Things To Do On Summer Break

Here are some ideas of things to do when you get home for the summer.

1. Go to your local restaurants

Every city or region has something unique to it. Starting college, it was probably the restaurant that no campus pizza could match or the chicken that would make your mouth water from the sight on your camera roll.

2. Go to your local parks

I know you're used to having beautiful green areas on campus, but revisit your childhood parks. Maybe you can't slide down the slides or you're too tall for the monkey bars, but you're not too old to grab a friend and walk down memory lane.

3. Visit loved ones

There are probably loads of homebodies that you have not seen in ages. Make sure to give them, young and old, a visit!

4. Travel to places near your home town

Don't just re-adjust to your hometown! Go and look at places 20 minutes to an hour away so you don't get tired of the same old same old.

5. Volunteer to help your community

From planting trees to helping the elderly, there are plenty of ways to help your home area.

6. Visiting your old high school

You're bound to pass by it or at least be in the neighborhood this summer. Stop by and look at all the summer activities that are going on.

7. Get a job

You've grown up around these stores and could probably run them better than the high school hires. Go ahead and help your future self out by getting a small job and saving some cash for next semester.

8. Go check out the new improvements around town

Most cities and towns are always expanding. Go check out the new park or the new boutique that your home town has.

9. Organize a shindig with your old gang

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