7 Subreddits To Check Out For Home Decor Inspiration

One of the best parts of being off at college is that you get to totally control your living space. Okay, maybe not everything (especially if you live in a dorm), but you certainly have a lot more autonomy than when you were living under your parent's roof during high school. This freedom can be so simple -- it means you get to put your stuff in the exact spot you want, even if it'd make no sense to anyone else -- yet can be so freeing and fun to embrace. Still, it can be tough to know what you want to do with your stuff and how to decorate, especially if this is your first time.

What many will do in this situation is head to Pinterest. Now, I love Pinterest and quite enjoy finding recipes from it for so many things I don't need to eat. It can be tough to navigate when it comes to home decor inspiration though, since much of what you'll find will be some kind of DIY project or some other keyword-stuffed pin that just leads to a product page instead of something actually helpful.

Plus, the things you like might not be what's popular, and consequently could be hard to find. For example, my fellow Leos apparently love a bohemian home decor style, but that's the furthest from my preference. Similarly, Pinterest can sometimes get drowned out with a million variations on the same trend.

So, what's a person to do? I'd recommend checking out one of the following seven subreddits, which I've found to be helpful in finding inspiration for a room's decor or color scheme. Look at the top posts on each of these, and even try searching some colors or terms to see if you can find something that's generally along the lines of what you're looking for.

1. r/HomeDecorating

Let's start with the basics. People post all kinds of things here related to home decorating and furniture, so it's a great place to browse for appealing pictures.

2. r/Decor

This subreddit has a bit more discussion on it than others, so it's a good place to ask questions or start a discussion if you are unsure about something.

3. r/RoomPorn

This subreddit has a compilation of images of amazing rooms. In most cases they'll be outside the realm of possibility for you, but still a great place to see how colors and styles are combined.

4. r/AmateurRoomPorn

This one is similar to the last subreddit, though the photos show real people's homes, so it feels a little more down to Earth.

5. r/minimalism

As the name suggests, this subreddit is focused on minimalism concepts. If you're into this sort of thing then this is a good community to check out.

6. r/CozyPlaces

Who doesn't love a cozy spot? If you're looking to enhance the coziness in your place, look through these posts for inspiration.

7. r/InteriorDesign

This subreddit is generally more serious and less heavy on photos. It's great for someone looking for discussion on interior design topics.

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