A Q&A Session With Hollywire Founder Chelsea Briggs
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A Q&A Session With Hollywire Founder Chelsea Briggs

Learning from entertainment expert Chelsea Briggs about the personal and professional details of famous people's lives.


Ever wonder what it's like to be up, close, and personal with celebrities while learning about them in an intimate setting? Well, entertainment host and producer Chelsea Briggs knows all about the personal and professional details of famous people's lives.

She carries out many people's dream jobs by interacting with celebrities on a regular basis. Briggs is a Michigan native and studied in her home state but moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career in the communications field. She is the original founder of Hollywire in addition to being an executive producer for the HollywireTV YouTube channel.

Briggs has put her hosting skills to the test when on VH1, Clevver Media, and Ovation TV. Since Briggs is passionate about music, I decided to sit down with her to learn her secrets about scoring last-minute concert tickets, particularly as the summer ends in a question and answer forum. Here's are some of Briggs' tips to her fans both new and old…

Q: How were you able to take your love of music and turn it into a career?

A: It's true what they say about hard work paying off! Music is a passion of mine and I knew early on that I wanted it to play a big role in my future career. It came down to getting the right internships, making the right connections and putting in lots of hard work which was key to getting a front-row seat in the music and entertainment industry.

Q: What's the best concert or show you've ever attended?

A: That's such a tough question!! I'm gonna go ahead and say Lorde was definitely a stand-out show. Her energy and connection to the crowd made it such a next-level experience and the lawn seats we had for that performance made the entire day that much more fun. Concerts are so much more than the music – it's about the complete experience, from snagging the best seats to the venue, weather, food, and friends and family who are there to enjoy it with you.

Q: What are your tips on how to take the perfect concert Instagram post?

A: I always tell my fans that, of course, it's fun to plug in and share your experience via social media, but it's more important to take in the moment. Tucking away your phone is the only way to truly build lasting memories. As for the perfect post: snap a few shots at the start of the concert, when the lighting is best and so you can get it out of the way. Ask a fellow concert-goer to take a photo of you and your friends with your surroundings – selfies are out and backdrops are in! People want to know where you are and what you are experiencing. I love a good dramatic low or high angle shot which gives the background a bit of dimension.

Q. How can people score last-minute tickets to concerts and shows?

A: I've cracked the code on trying to see as many concerts throughout the year as humanly possible. For the longest time, I noticed my paycheck was going toward tickets and traveling. But I discovered the Hilton Honors Experiences Platform, where I can use my points for concert tickets. Their recent "Lawn Days" music program is a steal – I can snag two lawn seat tickets for just 10,000 points. It's seriously the best deal to see my favorite artists. Check them out here.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an influencer within the music industry?

A: Explore all types of music! Really make it a point to listen to all types of genres and explore up-and-comers as well. Also, go to a TON of concerts and really immerse yourself in music. Then start sharing what you're listening to – people are always looking for recommendations so if you can first, establish yourself as that go-to "music person" you're off to a good start. From there start to build a network and be open to opportunities that may present themselves to you. You gotta start somewhere!

Q: What can our Odyssey creators do to develop their own brands?

A: Bring your readers/followers along into the experience. People want to feel the authentic excitement and energy that others have, so take them on the journey with you!

* * *

Briggs has imparted such knowledge to readers, and her advice will surely be taken to heart. Thank you for being a superstar, Chelsea! You keep doing you and being your beautiful self.

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