The Holidays can be the best time of the year; they are also known for being the most expensive. From decorating, buy presents, activities, etc.. your bank account can start to look really, really low. So is there a way to manage the Holidays in a way that is not going to make your broke?

Children toys and electronics seem to be skyrocketing, along with makeup for your friends, and cologne for your boyfriend, it can all become so much in so little time. Not only gifts but have you seen the price of Christmas trees? Wrapping paper even seems a little excessive. Below is a breakdown on a guide to best do the holidays.

1. Decorations


Christmas decorations are always fun to shop for! However, you are not going to find a good deal at Target or Pier 1 Imports. The places you are going to want to shop for are the Dollar Tree, 99 cent store, and Walmart. All three of these places have their own unique deals. The Dollar Tree is a great place to go if you are looking for room decorations. Things like miniature trees, signs, garland, etc. The 99 cent store will have similar things to offer, however, they might even have things such as ornaments and bigger trees. Walmart is the ultimate place if you are shopping for the living room or outside of your house. They have trees up to 10ft, inflatables, tons of decorations, all for a reasonable price!

2. Gifts


Shopping for children, young adults, and adults can become extremely expensive. Some want the newest electronic, others make-up from Sephora (which if you have ever stepped into is nothing close to cheap). The best way to get the best deals are getting your shopping done earlier rather than later. Create a list of things you want to gather for your loved ones. Look on places such as Amazon, eBay, and outlet malls. Amazon has some amazing deals on electronics, while the outlet stores give you an opportunity for more naturalistic gifts. Outlet stores such as Lululemon, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade may offer up to 70% off original price!

3. Activities


The Holidays are a time where Zoolights, theme parks, and local street fairs seem to be getting in the spirit. With so many activities to do, how do you choose which ones are the most affordable? The best way to go about this is Groupon. In the past, they have offered two for one admission for Zoolights, along with great deals around the Holiday season.

4. Movies


Christmas movies are some of my favorites! This season, Netflix, Hulu, and Hallmark has an expansive range of cringy love stories, classics such as the Grinch, and even ones that originally you may have not watched but why not give a try. I know the majority of college students have Netflix or Hulu, so this is something that will not end up being another cost to the holiday season.

5. Holiday treats


From gingerbread, sugar cookies, Holiday drinks, and more, the Holidays have some of the best treats around! However, the can become pricey if you are constantly buying a Starbucks drink every week. The best thing to do? Build a holiday Pinterest board! Try crafting some of these drinks and sweets yourself, and they could also make great gifts for friends!