4 Holiday Party Don't As Shown By Michael Scott
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4 Holiday Party DONT'S, As Shown By Michael Scott From 'The Office'

What not to do during the holidays as shown by Michael Scott, a unique list as a tale of precautions should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

4 Holiday Party DONT'S, As Shown By Michael Scott From 'The Office'

​Do not: Go above the spending limit for Secret Santa (S2: E10)​

As seen in this episode, the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton are having a Secret Santa gift exchange during their holiday party. With Angela as head of the Party Planning Committee, the Christmas cheer is felt in the office. Michael gets excited and spends too much money on Ryan, Jim finally has Pam for secret Santa, and Kevin picks his own name and decides to treat himself. Having extra money from his Christmas bonus, Michael ignores the $20 spending limit and buys Ryan a video iPod approximating $400. When he receives a knitted oven mitt from Phyllis, Michael stirs up his usual drama and forces everyone to do a Yankee Swap instead, hurting Phyllis' feelings by making fun of her present, and creating drama with everyone fighting for the video iPod. This situation teaching Michael and everyone else the lesson that does not ignore the spending limit on a gift exchange since it will not be reciprocated, feelings will get hurt, and holiday spirit crushed.

Do not: Photoshop yourself on to a Christmas card with your new girlfriend and her kids (S3: E10)

Oh, the drama that Michael Scott somehow gets himself into. Michael is new into his relationship with his realtor, Carol, when he decides to photoshop himself over her ex-husband in a picture of their family on a ski trip, this coming right after he proposed to her on their seventh date. Calling this move bold is an understatement, but nothing that is surprising for the nature of Michael Scott. Rationally after this, Carol pulls the plug on their relationship and Michael enters a depression in which Andy, Dwight, and Jim take him to Benihana's in hopes to uplift him and maybe find him a rebound. The important lesson from this episode is that it may not be the wisest decision to photoshop yourself onto a Christmas card of your girlfriend, her ex, and their children.

Do not: Harass Santa Claus just because you are upset that you aren't (S6: E13)

With Michael and Jim as Co-Managers of the Scranton branch, Jim allows Phyllis to be Santa Claus at their annual party throwing Michael into a destructive fit of rage and anger. Michael decides to compete with Phyllis, even allowing Kevin to sit on his lap in order to hear his Christmas wishes after Phyllis had denied him. Jim lets Michael know that Phyllis is the true Santa and that he has to respect that, which causes Michael to dress up at Jesus Christ and heckle Santa instead of just backing down and enjoying the party. As usual, Michael's drama kills the whole party with even Bob Vance coming in dressed as Santa to stand up to Michael. Another important lesson does not have a hissy fit when you cannot be Santa and proceed to ruin the whole party and bring everyone moods down.

Do not: Cancel your Christmas party because your ex-girlfriend/love of your life is back and proceed to make an absolute fool of yourself in front of her (S7: E11 & 12) 

It's Christmas in Scranton, and Michael's spirits are higher than ever. With Toby Flenderson gone on jury duty and Holly Flax coming back to fill in, all of Michael's wishes are finally coming true. But with anything good happening in Scranton and to Michael, chaos is just waiting to ensue. Michael decides to completely throw away Pam's perfectly planned party and opts for a classy Christmas. Once Holly comes to the office, Michael hears all about her relationship with AJ and gets so down about it that he destroys her present from AJ in a greek salad. Holly is enraged when she sees this and once it comes out that it was Michael who did it, he confesses all his hurt and pain from their relationship and states why he thinks that they are perfect for each other. Catching everyone off guard, and once again turning the focus from Christmas to Michael, Holly feels alienated from everyone else and confesses the turmoils in her current relationship to the girls which finds its way back to Michael. Once again, Michael shows us how not to professionally handle a situation and how to create chaos out of thin air and as always, kill the holiday spirit.

Have a holly jolly holiday, don't do anything Michael would do!

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