When we go home for the holidays, especially Christmas, we tend not to think about all the gifts and blessings we receive that aren't wrapped in wrapping paper and topped with a bow.

1. Having a home-cooked meal.

If your home-cooked meal might be ordering Chinese food with the family, that's more than some people have.

2. Seeing family and friends that you haven't seen in years. 

A lot of us have family that can't physically be with us on holidays anymore. Be grateful for the ones you have!

3. That quirky gift an older family member picked out for you that they thought would make you smile. 

They took a moment to really think of you.

4. The smile you put on your families faces. 

You parents miss you more than you would think! Its priceless to visit your family and have some time to spend time and focus your energy on them.

5. Your mom doing your laundry. 

Because your mom will always fold your clothes nicer and they will always smell cleaner than they do when you wash them yourself.

6. Getting to influence your young siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc.

Who do you think kids want to listen to- you, the super cool college kid, or their parents? Exactly. Take some time to make sure they are on track and know how great they can be.

7. Time spent doing nothing. 

Getting a break from school, work, and the social scene is such an overlooked gift. You don't know how much is taken out of you until you sit back and do nothing at all.

8. Your family pet. 

Nothing like sitting on the couch with your old dog.

9. You favorite at-home restaurants and activities.

Sometimes your favorite Mexican restaurant from home is just irreplaceable.

10. Family traditions.

Sometimes decorating ugly cookies and making mimosas is just what you need to get through another semester at school.

11. All the annoying things that your family does that makes them your family.

Is it really a holiday if your whole family doesn't drink and make fun of each other?

12. Feeling loved.

Not everyone gets to go home to people and feel loved. Be thankful for who you have in your life, not what you have.

Enjoy the rest of your break!