Hold My Hand

Hold my hand all of the way through the dark shadows until the brightness of days. We should feel your presence in the surrounding areas as well as on our hear with you standing right beside us; and guiding through the tunnels and the waves. Within the blaze of the burning fire grab hold of my hand and lead me out of harms way. Hold my hand all of the way throughout the night and into the sunset in the evening. Let us know that you are there by allowing us to feel your presence when we may feel alone. Hold our hands and let us know that you always remain right beside us and will show us the way. Hold us Lord and remind us that you are right there walking with us hand in hand to help us on that journey. Guiding through the shadows and into the light and showing us the way with you right next to us. Please Hold my hand and lead me to the way that you planned for us. Be our guide through the days and into the rain. Remind me that you are always working on me and holding my hand. Amen.

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