5 Plot Holes I Found In 'Hocus Pocus'

Hocus Pocus was released in the early 90's and is still to this day a beloved Halloween movie. With its all-star cast and spooky yet comical plot line, it has always remained in my heart. However, while watching it in my adulthood, I realized there was a lot of plot holes, Here are my top 5 plot holes in Hocus Pocus.

1. Salem Witch Trials History

Although this is more of a inconsistency with history, I still consider this a plot hole. In the opening scene the date is October 31, 1963, when the sisters are hanging. However, according to history, the Salem Witch hysteria and trials were over. Also, Governor William Phipps dissolved the courts that had been hearing cases, released everyone who had not yet stood trial, and forbid the use of spectral evidence to be used in trails. Meaning, the angry mob and resulting hanging of the Sanderson sisters would be considered historically inaccurate. Considering all this, Winifred's famous song I Put a Spell on You would need some minor adjustments.

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2. Sisters Cast a Spell While Hanging

If they could cast a spell while hanging, why couldn't they just cast a spell on the town's people? Wouldn't that have bought them some time to get down from their nooses. Why not cast one to get down even? There were so many other spells that could have gotten them out of this situation, but they chose the one that depended on a virgin to light a candle. I guess if they did that though we wouldn't have this beloved movie. Instead, we would have fifteen minutes of the Sanderson sisters and then the credits would roll.

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3. Thackery the Talking Cat

How can he talk to Max, Allison, Dani, the Sanderson sisters, and everyone else but his father? He even tried brushing against his father in the beginning scene to let him know he was his son, but he doesn't actually say anything to him. A simple, "It is me, Thackery. The Sanderson sisters turned me into a cat, but I am still your son." However, he doesn't do that. Instead, he meows at him. Maybe, as Winifred said, "The cats got my tongue."

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4. Allison the "Clever White Witch"

Why did Winifred call Allison a clever white witch? Is she saying that Allison is a witch? If so, that would confirm the fan theory by Reddit user BshowBrainJay that thinks Allison's family had the responsibility of protection Salem from the witches. However, 300 years later, Allison was anxious to end the curse and used the virgin Max to do it. If you think she is a witch, it begs the question how was she able to walk into the graveyard and the Sanderson sisters were not able to? Although this theory is interesting, it only creates more plot holes.

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5. I Put a Spell on You

The witches have been dead for 300 years, so how did they know a song to sing? Does Winifred just have some mad improv skills? Also, even if the sisters did know or made up something to sing, how did the band know the same song? In between the commercials did the sisters and the band practice the song?

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