I am tired of walking into almost any clothing store and having my eyes assaulted by lines of crop tops, booty shorts, and sheer clothing. If this is your style, more power to you! Personally, I am more comfortable in modest clothing and I know a lot of other young women lean towards modest wear. So it shouldn't be so difficult to find one top that covers all your crevices, but alas, it is.

It does seem as if more brands are attempting to create more modest wear. In fact, just this May, H&M released their extremely underwhelming and unimpressive modest line. I say this for three reasons.

One, some of the pieces were not actually modest! For example, some of the blouses, though long-sleeved, were still see-through.

Two, the collection was crazy overpriced. If I'm going to H&M, I don't expect to pay 100 dollars for a pair of pants.

Three, modest wear does not equal ethnic wear. A lot of the pieces in the modest collection were reminiscent of South Asian cultural wear. This is fine, but these types of clothing can be found for a lot cheaper and more ornately in local stores. Moreover, modest wear is not just limited to people of South Asian descent. Modest wear can be for people from any religious background or culture, or even for people who are just more comfortable dressing modestly.

The H&M debacle highlights that major brands still have a long way to go in terms of modest wear. Modest wear needs to be more available and more affordable. There is definitely a market for modest wear, so what are you waiting for?

This video gives a great overview of some of the pieces in the H&M modest collection.