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I am a history kid. When I was a child, I stayed in and read books about presidents, American History, and Greek culture instead of socializing with others. Today, I'd much rather sit and discuss politics than attend a college party.

I have taken so many American History courses. In high school I spent six years learning about the American Revolution, the Cold War, and the Progressive Era…….over and over again. In college I am faced with the same thing. The classes I have taken that teach about American history are lacking. They lack diversity and the harsh truth. I feel these courses are designed to paint a pretty picture about our country, and fail to educate students on the wrongdoings that were committed.

I never learned about Native American genocide and mistreatment when I was in high school. Teachers and the schooling system failed to teach me the repulsive side of Reconstruction. We barely touched upon the Civil Rights Movement. Yet we spend so many days learning how the great Andrew Jackson was the hero of democracy.

I am a history major. I will soon use my knowledge to educate others, specifically high school students. I am the informer to these delicate and desperate minds. How would I look if I lie, or withhold the truth from them, similarly to what I experienced?

Luckily for me, I enrolled last-minute in a course called Race and Racism in the United States. This course taught me things that I should’ve known about already; things that are more important than Andrew Jackson (in my opinion).

The point of this little narrative is to inform my readers just how important the Black Studies Department is, especially for history majors. It provides history and perspective that is usually shied away from in regular history courses. I believe that if one, especially a history major, wants an accurate education on the history of our nation, he or she should definitely take a Black Studies course.
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