Christmas in a Hispanic household is interesting, to say the least: cousins of all ages running around, a random person that nobody really knows where they came from and of course food!

Here is a taste of the dishes that are usually served at a Hispanic Christmas.

1. Pozole (Posole)

It's our tradition to eat Pozole on Christmas eve, and it's one of my favorite dishes (adding extra lime makes it even more delicious)!

2. Stacked Enchiladas

Stacked Enchiladas are easy to make, and usually everyone likes them.

3. Tamales

My family and I usually make tamales every year; however, if we don't, then a cousin or aunt will.

4. Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice is usually the first to go, but on a good day there's some left over. Spanish Rice and homemade Tortillas makes a great breakfast for the next morning.

5. Anise Biscochitos

This dessert is like a biscotti mixed with a cookie. My mom and I made them the other day, and they are great with coffee or any other hot drink (or Abuelita hot chocolate).