Hippie Sabotage was created by two brothers, Kevin and Jeff Saurer. They are from Whittier, California. They make EDM hits that have made many top lists such as the Billboard Top 100. They have had the opportunity of performing with artists such as Ellie Goulding and Tove Lo.

1. Options

"I got angels on my shoulders with the devil in my head// I don't know where I'm going but I know where I've been// You can find me in the future where my money never ends"

2. Different

"But the world never change when you wanna change// and the people never say what you wanna say// so go live your life like you don't give a f**k"

3. Your Soul

"You echo words you've heard// you let me go just to watch me discern// just because it feels the same// the morning comes// even roads feel the sun so cold"

4. The Darkness

"I've been going through the motions// this routine has got to stop// I've been caught up in the moment giving all this pain no thought"

5. Devil Eyes

"Yeah we're golden baby girl we're golden// They about to see a shine cause we're golden// They can never break us down cause we're golden// They about to see us grow cause we're golden"

6. Ridin' Solo

"Is it crazy that I almost thought I had loved myself less than I had loved you// Does it really matter what is sitting in my cup// I know it don't got much to do with you"

7. High Enough

"Are you high without the Mary Jane like me? Do you tear yourself to entertain like me?"

8. Bad on the Bottle

"I'm bad on the bottle// Your mind is going crazy on someone else but you// There's no one here to find me to tomorrow rise// Your blood starts to boil// so turn tonight''

9. Born to Rise

"But what you got to do when you sitting at the head of the table? Once you there, you got to hold it down// Sounds like one of those good problems" and "Purple drank in my cup// I just drink smoke till I'm gone"