Sorry Hillary, You Have No Path To The Presidency
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Sorry Hillary, You Have No Path To The Presidency

Time to hang it up.

Sorry Hillary, You Have No Path To The Presidency
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The election of 2016 has been an interesting one, to say the least. On the GOP side, we have an orange-haired ape leading a pack of wolves. On the Democratic side, we have the definition of a corrupt and sleazy politician (her picture is right beside the likes of Ted Cruz in the dictionary) followed by a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. The Democratic Party stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders from the beginning and, if you listen to the mainstream media, Hillary is a shoe-in and should beat Donald Trump in a landslide like never before. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that concept is terribly flawed and incorrect. But, I do understand how many of Hillary's supporters have come to such a conclusion.

In the minds of a lot of Hillary Clinton’s supporters, they believe that all of Bernie Sanders supporters will “fall in line” and support her once the primary season is over. This thought is a nice one, and in most elections, would probably be accurate. The 2016 election is not a “normal” election, and I fear that many of Hillary’s supporters and Democratic super delegates, alike, might be missing what is right in front of them. The reason that many of Hillary’s supporters have come to this conclusion is because, in 2008, many of Hillary’s supporters declared that they would not vote for Barack Obama. As history showed us, they did eventually “fall in line” and vote for Obama. So, what is different this time around? The candidates, for one thing. Even in 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were very alike in terms of policy positions. Yes, Obama was just slightly to the left of Clinton, but all in all, they were, and still are, relatively the same. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not at all the same. One is a center-right flip-flopper while the other is a true leftist who has practically had the same positions for forty years. To pretend that the situations are similar is not only foolish, but detrimental to the party’s chances of winning this November.

Another thing that hinders Clinton’s electability in November is the fact that she looks like the sleazy politician she is. Around the time Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were elected president, the establishment on both sides decided that a certain look was necessary to become president. Because of this, the parties each groomed their candidates to look and carry themselves a certain way. They had to speak a certain way. They were never allowed to point; rather, they had to make a gesture with their thumbs resting at the top of their fists. Hillary Clinton is a well-groomed candidate in that sense, which explains why people of the older generation tend to favor her over Bernie Sanders. But as time went on and a younger generation was born, they became jaded on the typical “politician look”, which is why younger people tend to lean towards Sanders. The Democratic Party pulled one over on the younger generation by electing a man who seemed to be anti-establishment but ended up just being another one of the establishment’s lap dogs. The American people can see through that. They are sick of the status quo and the corruption of the two parties. That is what will lead to Hillary Clinton’s downfall in November. People look at Donald Trump and they know that he isn’t representing the establishment. They look at Hillary Clinton and they know that she is. If Hillary Clinton is the nominee on the Democratic side, she will lose in November. Hear me now, quote me later. The establishment will not win this election. Whether it is Bernie Sanders overthrowing them or Donald Trump, she will lose.

Hillary Clinton has no path to the presidency. I do not say that with pride or shame. It’s just the truth. The majority of Bernie’s supporters are not going to back her. The American people do not want a typical politician to be president. Hillary Clinton is a typical politician; Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are not. Polls suggest that Bernie Sanders has a 12-point advantage on Trump while Hillary Clinton loses in about half of the polls when stacked up against Trump. Not to mention the fact that it looks more and more likely that she will get indicted with each passing day. Hillary Clinton cannot and will not win. It is time for the Democratic Party to switch their support to the most electable candidate, Bernie Sanders. Hillary, it’s time to hang it up.

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