As I come to the close of my senior year and prepare for my last summer before college, I'm taking in all the things that I'm leaving behind for a few semesters. There are things that I will and won't miss about my hometown when I'm away for college; here's a list of both.

I won't miss...

1. My Street

I might miss aspects or memories of it, but ultimately, I'm not going to miss the street I live on. I've lived here my entire life; I can handle a change of scenery for a bit.

2. Constant Bad Impressions

Going away for college means freedom and means space between me and my mom's bad impressions. I love her, but the impressions get a little crazy sometimes.

3. Always Needing A Ride

Not having a car but having a big social life are hard things to match together. I won't miss always needing a ride. I look forward to walking around campus.

4. Crazy Weather

Yeah, it'll be the same state, but I'm hoping if I'm a bit more south then maybe the weather won't be as crazy. I'm tired of dressing for winter in the morning and having it be summer by lunchtime.

5. Knowing Everyone Everywhere

I will not miss running into people I used to know everywhere that I go. I am ready to leave them in the past.

But I will miss...

1. My Family Being So Close

Currently, my grandparents live a three-minute walk from my front door. Pretty much all of my family is in this town, and I'm going to miss not being able to see them whenever I please.

2. The Spontaneous Adventures With Friends

I can text a friend and say, "let's go do something" and make an adventure out of it. When I'm gone for college, I'll have to wait until breaks to see them and have adventures.

3. My Bed

I'm going to miss not just my own bed but also my room. I spent time making it mine, and now, I have to go somewhere new.

4. Knowing The Roads Like The Back Of My Hand

I'm going to miss knowing the roads so well I could drive blindfolded (not that I'd ever do that, but if I was forced to, I could). I'm going to have to learn all new roads and routes to places.

5. Seeing My Mom Every Day

College comes with a lot of freedom, and it'll be nice, but at the end of the day, I'm going to crazily miss seeing my mom everyday. Her bad jokes and dumb impressions, I'll miss them all eventually.

College is going to be a big change; there will be things I will and won't miss. And I'm certain that some things that I think I won't miss, I will eventually. I am ready for all of it to come my way.