"It's so boring." "There's nothing to do." "I NEED to get out of here." I think everyone who has lived in a small town has said these things at least once in their lives. However, sometimes people really need to cherish the little, suburban town they grew up in. There are so many memories you can make in the smallest of places. From parking lots to 3 a.m. diner runs, the lifelong memories are endless.

1. Unity

There are only so many people in your small town. Everyone knows everyone! Whether it be because your kids are on the same baseball team, working at the same diner, or going to high school together. You'll always find yourself waving to someone at least once on your walk to a friends house.

2. Diners

NJ is known to have the most amount of diners in the US. My town on its own has three. It's a comfort knowing that I have diners in walking distance from me whenever I want chocolate chip pancakes. Whenever you and your friends are hungry, a diner is always a top option. They're relaxing, inexpensive, and who doesn't love diner food! And since diners are usually open 24/7, it's a great place to go when you need a midnight snack.

3. Fairs and carnivals 

My annual town fair is what I look forward to every year in the summer. Music, rides, games, food--who wouldn't love it? It is a great way for the town to get together and just unwind. Fairs are great ways to meet up with friends that you haven't seen, families that hang with your family, and teachers that you haven't seen since June.

4. Quiet mornings

In the city, waking up to buses and motorcycles isn't always the most pleasant. In the suburbs, all you hear are birds chirping and quiet streets. In the spring, I always look forward to waking up with the sun coming through my window and the birds singing in the trees. For people that have never lived in the city, you really don't appreciate the mornings in the suburbs until you've LITERALLY lived by a bus stop.

5. That one parking lot that everyone meets up in

Ok, is it just my town or does each town have multiple parking lots that teens can drive to and chill out? Sometimes you might not want to go to a friends house or to McDonald's. Sometimes chilling in the parking lot of your high school is the best idea. There is some hidden magic in every late night parking lot stop. You and your friends start recalling memories, discussing the future, confessing your mistakes at last nights party. In the end, it only strengthens your friendships and creates more memories.

6. Late night drives

These.are.my.favorite. You have no idea where to go so you're basically driving with no direction. These 1 a.m. drives allow you to blast your music, scream at the top of your lungs, and just be happy. Since your town is pretty small, you'll probably drive on the same street every five minutes. But that's okay. As long as you're with your friends, you definitely won't even realize.