Hey, Fellow 20-Somethings, Everyone Hates Us Right Now And Here Are 11 Reasons Why
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Hey, Fellow 20-Somethings, Everyone Hates Us Right Now And Here Are 11 Reasons Why

It's not hard to be a good person during a pandemic. And yet...

Hey, Fellow 20-Somethings, Everyone Hates Us Right Now And Here Are 11 Reasons Why

    Did you go to the beach for Spring Break? Have you shared a meme about feeling attacked by Netflix when they ask "Are you still watching?"? Are you having "quarantine parties" with your friends to "get through this together"?

    Everybody hates us right now and here are 11 reasons why.

    1. Many of us are behaving like we're 4, not 24.

    Impulse control people. Today is not a beach, park, or party day (you'll be notified when the party is back on, until then, stay home by your phone and wait for the call)!

    2. We post "social distancing" photos like we're in on a joke

    3. We treat every day like it's Sunday.

    We day-drink and have kick-backs like it's our job... that we no longer have

    4. We're "meme-ing" a pandemic

    5. We make asshole-y drama comments like "Oh God, don't even look at your 401K" like we don't have 40 years to recover.

    How about some empathy for people who planned to retire this year or next, and now on top of losing their savings, literally fear for their lives because we're not staying home (see point No. 1).

    6. Reserve your feeling of invincibility for another time.

    Yes, we're generally entitled to this feeling in our 20s, but we don't generally have a pandemic for God's sake.

    7. Stop acting so hard-done-by.

    Our generation's clarion call is to wash our hands for 20 seconds and stay home. Instead of going to war, we get to sit on our asses and watch Netflix (don't act like you don't do that already).

    8. If you don't give a damn about your own parents and grandparents, you're definitely the problem.

    But some of us do care and we want to keep their love, support, their institutional knowledge... that whole "fabric of society" thing. Who do you think is going to bail you out when you lose your job, or hire you for your next job, or fly the plane, or run the factory that makes your next car? We need the older generations and you're bloody idiots if you don't protect them.

    9. Stop posting or viewing or rewarding jerks that say stupid things like "I am far more concerned with stepping on a... needle than getting the coronavirus."

    Turn that shit off. Don't reward these idiots with views and likes because they're the ones who are going to keep us in this lock-down mode even longer. This is going to drag out for a long, long time if you don't just stay home.

    10. We are prolonging our own pain by not staying home.

    By not social distancing. By acting like TODAY is all that matters. Save your carpe diem attitude for whatever world exists post-pandemic. You're going to need it.

    11. We aren't thinking about the future.

    It's obvious to everyone but us. We're acting like drunk assholes at a funeral.

    It's not hard to be a good person during a pandemic. All we have to do is take this seriously. We could even use this time to be less angsty and figure out what is truly important to us. It's not like you have a choice, so stop whining and stay home.

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