5 More Heroes We Might Lose In Infinity War
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5 More Heroes We Might Lose In Infinity War

There's just too many good guys for all of them to survive

5 More Heroes We Might Lose In Infinity War
Marvel Studios

In my last article I mentioned five of the heroes I didn't think would make it to the end of Infinity War, but they weren't the only characters on my mind. The upcoming movie promises to be such a grand finale that I felt compelled to add five more the list.

1. Captain America

C’mon, we were all expecting this one at least a little bit, right? Cap has been fighting nearly his whole life, and with the Civil War movie we basically saw all that ‘good soldier’ resolve start to crumble. It seems unlikely that Steve Rogers would just spend the rest of his life on the run from the law.

In Civil War we saw a Captain America who was well-and-truly tired of war. It seems perfectly on par with his character to sacrifice himself for the greater good, saving a teammate or a civilian in danger. If this does happen, most likely it will end up being a big tear-jerker scene where Marvel will play on the fractured friendship of Tony Stark and Steve, or possibly even his connection with Bucky.

All of us on opening night.

2. Loki

This one is hard to say, what with Loki’s storyline being so convoluted, much like his own character. Loki was introduced as a villain in Avengers when he tried to take over the Earth, but he apparently switched sides in Thor: Ragnarok to team up with his brother against their murderous sister.

Now, with Asgard destroyed, it seems the Asgardians' plotline may be coming to an end. Considering that Loki is one of the most popular characters in the MCU franchise, his death, possibly saving his brother in the upcoming film, would be an incredibly sad and poignant ending to his story.

Marvel fans #before the movie.

3. The Vision

Unfortunately, Vision is probably the most likely hero to bite the dust in the upcoming Infinity War movie. The android was created by the Mind stone, the yellow stone in the middle of his forehead that powers and sustains him, but we know that Thanos is after that very same stone.

In the trailers, we even see Thanos begin to pry the stone out of Vision’s head. Considering Vision cannot survive without the stone, it seems likely that this will kill him. Which is sad because he's one of my favorites. Marvel also likes to trick us, so I'm holding out hope that the trailer is just to make us think he'll die. Please, Marvel, hear my prayers and have mercy on my poor android son.

Marvel crushing us with feels during the movie.

4. Nebula

I kind of imagine Nebula as being the female, alien version of Loki. She has major issues with her adoptive father, desperately wants revenge, and hates her sibling.

Sounds familiar, right?

While of course Nebula does have a lot of differences from Loki too, I think she may be one of the casualties of the upcoming movie, for much the same reasons as Loki. I don’t imagine there are any characters other than Drax that more deserve to be the one to finally kill the Mad Titan. In this way, I don’t think I would be too sad about her death. It would be more of a bittersweet ending than anything else.

Marvel fans #after the movie.

5. Hawkeye

Though it’s possible Hawkeye will survive to the end as some sort of lesson that even normal humans can beat an enemy like Thanos through teamwork and stuff, I really doubt it. Hawkeye is an amazing and underrated hero, and he deserves so much more credit for being in the Avengers, but this time I just don’t think he’ll cut it.

He has no powers, no fancy suit to keep him safe, not even a rechargeable weapon. Once Clint’s out of arrows, he’s out. We saw a glimpse of this problem in the Avengers movie when he was on the rooftop of one of the buildings, with Chitaari soldiers inbound and no arrows left. He barely made it out of that one alive, how can we expect him to go up against the Mad Titan and survive? Plus, with the introduction of his family in the Civil War movie (which I high-key disagree with for reasons I'll write about later), we now have the incentive to root for his survival. And Marvel gave us that hope very much on purpose.

Marvel ultimately enjoying our suffering...

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