Here's Why You Need To Like Yourself
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Here's Why You Need To Like Yourself

”Liking yourself is the first step toward really changing your life so that you can be happier, healthier, and more confident in everything you do."

Here's Why You Need To Like Yourself

In society liking yourself is something that is never talked about or brought up.

If you like yourself you're considered “conceited.”

But honestly?

How are you supposed to go through life and not like yourself?

For a person to do that, it’s a living hell.

So no, those people who like themselves should not be looked down upon and called “conceited.” They should be proud and amazed, society should also feel proud and amazed for them.

Why is liking yourself so looked down upon?

It only makes sense that you should like yourself.

You’re stuck with yourself forever, right?

And in the end, the only person you have is yourself.

This trend of looking down on someone for accepting themselves needs to stop.

Everyone should be proud of their looks because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

If someone likes the way they look or thinks they have an awesome personality that doesn’t mean they are arrogant or conceited; it means they have completely accepted themselves which is something everyone needs to do.

Author Cheryl Bradshaw states, ”liking yourself is the first step toward really changing your life so that you can be happier, healthier, and more confident in everything you do" This quote is beyond true.

How can you be happy with your life or other people if you are not happy with yourself?

I’m sure it is possible.

But is it hard?


The thing is though; you’re with yourself 24/7.

You do everything with yourself from the amazing moments to the horribly ugly moments. Thoughts of negativity because you don’t like yourself are only going to continue to make you feel horrible and bring you down.

If you have thoughts of positivity it is almost guaranteed that your self-esteem will go up.

Bradshaw also states “you do everything with yourself, so you should be your own BFF.”

It seems weird, but if you really think about it, it’s actually true.

When you're extremely sad and you have no one...who cheers you up? Usually, yourself.

That would be the job of a best friend.

Who do you binge watch Netflix with on a casual Friday?


Another job of a best friend.

Ever get so nervous and don’t want to do something but have to talk yourself into it?

Also the job of a best friend.

You get the point.

So, since you're spending every waking moment with yourself it is important to have a good relationship with yourself.

Why is liking yourself so hard then?

Bradshaw again states that “we are never taught how to like ourselves.”

In education, they never teach you anything about having respect for yourself.

In religion, it’s all about your relationship with God or the God of that specific religion.

Why were people never taught, then, to like themselves?

The world may never know.

This issue of liking yourself is something that all ages struggle with whether the person is ten years old or 50 years old.

Once again, Bradshaw states that “you need to like yourself before loving yourself.”

How can you love something before you even like it?

You can’t.

If you start a new relationship with someone, you don’t love them right away, you like them first.

If you don’t like yourself you shouldn’t be rushing to love yourself right away.

Take small steps, and you will get there.

It would be nice if society was a place where everyone empowered and inspired one another.

People should be happy if another person has accepted themselves and not be so negative.

Hopefully everyone can work on liking themselves and being positive.

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