Late last week, Twitter announced it would be closing down its Vine app, which caused the internet to go into mourning to one of the greatest platforms. To celebrate the 6-second art pieces that Vine has given us, here's some of my personal favorites. Here's to the platform that defined my generation's humor for the last three years.

1. This iconic vine

2. Honestly, all of the Jesús vines need to be loved, but this one is the best.

3. This one is one of those videos that you see post-midnight and you're so tired that you find yourself laughing hysterically for a couple of minutes.

4. His facial expressions say it all.

5. This unexpected twist on Beyoncé.

6. This poor man who just wants to find some love.

7. An important lesson in physics.

8. Feet don't make good music, but they do make good comedy.

9. One of Vine's greatest gifts to us was Thomas Sanders.

10. The vine that sparked an internet trend, but left us with one question... who is she?

11. This vine inspired a 2016 presidential candidate that got further in the polls than anyone thought.

12. This adorable little girl that did it for the vine.

13. This was another vine that sparked an internet trend.

14. Of course, we can't forget this baby with an abnormally low voice.

15. And finally, the most heartbreaking part about Vine closing is that we won't be hearing any more of Maple's musical talent.