5 Must-Do's On My Bucket List
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Student Life

5 Must-Do's On My Bucket List

4. To give birth to twin babies in the future

5 Must-Do's On My Bucket List

A bucket list is a list that consists of a number of experiences or achievements a person wants to accomplish in their lifetime.

Each individual has their story and goals, which makes them unique.

Here are the top 5 things on my bucket list:

1. Visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.

This is on top of my bucket list because I'm in awe of the structure, shape and the beauty of the tower. During my childhood, my father was extremely occupied with his job and had the opportunity to travel many places. For one of his business trips, he had to attend a conference in Paris. When he returned home, he showed me a picture of him standing in front of the Eiffel tower. I carefully admired the picture and said, “Wherever that is, I want to go there”. I was fascinated about learning more, so I took French as a language for two years in high school.

However, my craze only grew. In 2011, my father bought me my first computer and what I discovered on photo booth changed my life. The photo booth had options for adding effects to your photo and there was one called ‘Eiffel Tower’, which was like your very own green screen. I had an entire photo album dedicated to that, imagining myself in Paris. (how embarrassing!) So, it would be a dream come true to spend my 21st birthday with my family in Paris.

2. Explore more of India

I am originally born in New Delhi, India. When I was very young, I traveled to different states of India, such as Haryana(Chandigarh) and Himachal Pradesh (Shimla). Therefore, I do not recall much from my memories, except looking at old pictures. At the age of 6, my family and I moved from India to Malaysia, where I spent the most amazing 9 years of my life.

So, most of my growing years were outside of India. On our occasional trips to India, we visit our relatives, however, I want to seek more of my country’s magnificent beauty.

3. Healthy eating and living for 2018

New year, new me. At least that is what I repeat to myself every year. No, but on a serious note, I want to take the initiative to take care of my body and health. Feeding myself nutritious food, exercising three times a week, and joining a yoga club. Before I moved to Houston two years ago, I was heavily involved in a yoga club in high school.

We practiced yoga and meditation after school and held events on campus, such as small workshops to encourage students to do the same.As for more physical activities, I need to plan ahead, make an effort to go the gym and utilize the facilities on campus.

4. To give birth to twin babies in the future

This may sound like a strange one, but I get excited by just thinking about it. I adore children. I have two siblings of my own and it’s great fun. I have a younger sister and a brother that I miss the most since joining college. Personally, I have always loved being surrounded by children. Watching their playfulness and how they live life to the fullest, not only motivates me but also inspires me to be the best version of myself possible.

Yes, I won’t deny that being a mother is the most difficult job in the world, as well as taking care of your family. Despite that, I believe kids are a blessing and help us appreciate the smallest moments in life. (I know, so cliché). On top of that, kids are angels and having two cute, little twin boys will fulfill my desire to be #familygoals.

5. Roll perfectly round rotis.

Last, but not least, I want to become skilled at rolling perfectly round rotis. Those of you who don’t know what a roti is, it is a flatbread that is very common in India. Now, I am terrible at cooking. Me trying to cook anything is a reality show at best and my sister laughs hysterically every time I try. For that reason, I want to learn how to make basic Indian food for myself. A rolling pin is used to roll out each piece of dough, to achieve the roundness.

I always observe my mother while making it, but it never turns out as good as hers! My mother's wrists have such grace, as she rolls the dough. So, when I make an attempt, I start off great but eventually lose my patience, which usually results in a square-shaped roti. Hopefully, through practice, I will be as good as my mom and maybe even be able to say, “Mom sit back and relax, I’ll make the roti’s today”.

Well, those were my top 5 on my bucket list. What are yours?

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