Here Is What Traveling During COVID-19 Is Like
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COVID-19 has changed many things, including traveling.

For the most part travel came to a halt at the height of the pandemic, but as things have started opening back up, people have been hitting the roads and the skies to travel again.

Many people have strong opinions for or against traveling during the pandemic, but regardless of your stance we can all agree that traveling is very different now than before.

I talked to two people who have traveled during the pandemic to see what their experience was like, and also shared my own experience.

For the sake of the interviewee's they will remain anonymous.

1. Where did you travel?

Anonymous, age 28: I traveled to St. Petersburg/Gulfport and Orlando in Florida.

Anonymous, age 21: I traveled to Puerto Rico, specifically San Juan and Fajardo).

Gabriella, age 21: I traveled to Myrtle beach in South Carolina with my family and boyfriend, I also went to Morgantown, West Virginia to visit family, and went with my family to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

2. Did you decide to go before COVID-19 or did you decide during it?

Anonymous, age 28: I decided to go during COVID-19.

Anonymous, age 21: I decided to go during it, a day before I went just because the tickets were so cheap. I went four days ago.

Gabriella, age 21: We decided to go during COVID-19, as we had a trip planned for Hawaii and Italy before the outbreak, which obviously was not safe to go on now, but we still wanted to go somewhere so we went on some small trips.

3. How did you travel there?

Anonymous, age 28: I drove! Our friends that met us there flew though.

Anonymous, age 21: We traveled by plane.

Gabriella, age 21: We drove!

4. How was being there different from how it would have been without COVID-19?

Anonymous, age 28: Bars were closed. Under normal circumstances, we definitely would have gone to bars.

Anonymous, age 21: Restaurants required a mask when walking to the table, there was a curfew from 10 PM-5 AM so at 10OM everything closed. Some national parks required reservations, a lot of tour companies were also closed. And about 40% of restaurants and shops were still closed.

Gabriella, age 21: Things were different because we had to wear masks pretty much everywhere, even when we went to see family in WV, we still kept our masks on around them. We also only ate outside restaurants because our parents felt it was safer than eating inside. Also, lot's of places are still closed.

5. Did people wear masks around you?

Anonymous, age 28: I did not wear masks around the people that I was with, but we did wear masks in Ubers, stores, and restaurants, as well as walking downtown. Employees in stores and restaurants all wore masks.

Anonymous, age 21: Yes, everyone wore masks in public areas, mostly the locals, except at the beach or when at a table.

Gabriella, age 21: No. This really frustrated my family as we have been super careful about everything during the pandemic. We would go out to places in SC and people would just walk around without masks and in WV many people did not wear masks as they have a low number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19, so they were not as concerned about it. Even where we live though we see people every day not wearing masks in public areas still and it is very disappointing, as that is the best thing that we can be doing right now to stop the spread but people think the rules don't apply to them. It only works if EVERYONE does it.

6. How did you stay safe?

Anonymous, age 28: We stayed at my friend's parent's house. We went grocery shopping the first day so we could avoid eating out for every meal. We wore masks anytime we were out in public, with the exception of the day we went to the beach.

Anonymous, age 21: I stayed safe by testing for COVID-19 before and after the trip, wearing a mask around people, and using hand sanitizer, as well as having our temperature checked (which was mandated) if we entered any building.

Gabriella, age 21: We wore masks literally everywhere, except on the beach. We also did not stay in hotels, only condos, to make sure the air vents were not the same as other peoples. We sanitized A LOT and we also practiced social distancing everywhere. We also did not talk to other people and kept to ourselves.

7. What advice would you have to someone traveling now?

Anonymous, age 28: Research local policies/laws before you go. Wear a mask and wash your hands after shopping at gas stations and when in any public setting.

Anonymous, age 21: I would say definitely get tested at least after you come back, as you never know. Do research on the place you are going to, because the highlight of that location might be closed, but I'd recommend a beach or mountain area, as you can do a lot of social distancing there and still enjoy it. Also, I would avoid flying if possible, as I think the riskiest part of my trip was sitting next to someone on the plane and being so close to people in line.

Gabriella, age 21: I would advise people to wear a mask whether you are traveling or not. People really need to start doing this, as it is honestly selfish to other people if you are not wearing one. All it takes is one person who thinks they don't have it and that they don't need to wear a mask to go to some store and then they could expose people to it. Plus some people are especially vulnerable to it and the people not wearing masks need to be willing to accept that their actions could quite literally kill someone. Please wear a mask people! Other than that I would just say to travel with family mostly. Like if you have been around your friends or they have tested negative, then that is a lower risk too, but traveling in big groups of people who have been all over the place is not the best.

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