It seems like the past couple of years, Dad and I manage to go to a concert that just really rocks our socks off and kicks the summer concert series in full force. This was one that was announced months ago, and I couldn’t pass up tickets for it - they were a Christmas gift for dad and I. Let’s preface this show with my first introduction to Alice, that moment I first heard “Man in the Box.” Good god, the talk box, guitar, and singing in this song all combine to make it one of my favorite rock songs of all time. Let’s give the genius himself credit, Jerry Cantrell is a living rock legend. AIC has several albums in their library, many beyond their first self-titled. And boy, did the crowd get their fill of face melting for the evening. I cannot say enough good things about the opener (Walking Papers), AIC, or the evening in general.

Heading into this show, Dad actually did some YouTube recon and knew the stage set up, lights, and how things would overall flow for the night. What he didn’t know was that the venue hasn’t changed much since the last time he visited The Riv in 1976. Trust me, I got a nice informative lecture on it! As many of you know, my mother and father have incredible influences on my musical tastes, so, to be able to share a concert at a venue with my dad that he hadn’t been to in over 40 years holds a ton of sentimental value to me.

Dad and I are two for two with band and crowd response. The first being Last in Line (DIO reprise band) and now AIC. AIC had the eyes of satisfaction, but pure gratitude as each of their songs at the very beginning were greeted by a roaring venue of hungry fans. In fact, the first five to six songs of their set we couldn’t even hear the lead singer, William DuVall, because the fans were singing so loud. That was a spectacle in itself. It shows a crowd of true fans - which is something that many concerts today lack!

I rarely claim that a concert is a top five of all time, but it’s safe to say this one clearly meets the mark for such a claim. Over 11 years, I’ve been going to concerts quite religiously with my father, close friends, and those who appreciate a fun time at a concert with yours truly. Alice in Chains is a class act. There’s no “show boating.” It’s a group of guys that flat out rock. It’s a band that I have hope for their own inclusion in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. However, even if they never make that achievement, they still kick ass 31 years later. To me and I’m sure to them, that’s all that really matters.