Why Is Helping Syrian Refugees Important?
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Why Is Helping Syrian Refugees Important?

How the Syrian War affects you.

Why Is Helping Syrian Refugees Important?

The well-being of all countries is of great relevance especially considering our modern day issues. The well being of our nation (in my case) the United States is especially pertinent not only for its citizens, but also the citizens of the world.

As the United States of America, a country where freedom and equality are written in a supreme legislation for all of us to follow, acts of compassion and servitude are often encouraged.

In actuality, our great nation has shown to be extremely divided, this demonstrated by the candidate that was now chosen for president on November 9th (2 days ago). It is very ironic how we proclaim to hold human rights in such high regards while supporting a commander in chief that does not respect women, sees immigrants as threats - although his own family and nation was built and is made of mainly immigrants - and deeply desires to construct a giant wall that outlines the entire Mexican border. This wall makes it seem as if our nation were more important than theirs', and prohibits the trespassing of people in search of the "American Dream."

It is important to note that some countries, including ours, are in danger...

People all around the world are citizens of humanity, just like us. Why should we deny people from dangerous countries access to our country? Security - right.

But, regarding all those that some may see as threats or attackers, they are NOT the majority. The majority of people that are in Syria right now are regular people with dreams and hopes, just like us. These people who have faced devastating losses cannot do anything to change their nation. The Syrians make up only a part of a population that is now bleeding, dying, and wanting justice...

Since 2011, Syria has been in state of war. This terrifying and unfair war began because of the citizens' lack of conformity to the government and the proclamation of president Assad's resignation. This same government recognized the eagerness of people to overthrow them and did not do a thing to help relieve the anger... Instead, they decided to arm themselves against their own people and fight back whenever a protest occurred.

These consequences, are not favorable and are, in all truth, barbaric.

Syria's president himself has not helped the country in any possible way. We can see that this succession of power only brought Syria face to face with the worst humanitarian crisis that has ever existed to this day. Bashar al-Assad, as he is called, has accepted the protests and movements from all of those that oppose him, yet denies to lead his country towards prosperity.

What happens when basic human rights are threatened and become almost non-existent.

How Syria looked before & after an immeasurably cruel war...

The people of Syria are battling against their own forces on the basis of their own will. They need help to overcome the worst humanitarian crisis that has ever happened in history, and as citizens of a great country, we can contribute and help.

With a compassionate, caring, aware, and equality- based heart... we stand together to help the refugees in Syria live their own dreams...


1. Speak of peace.

Today, in the country we live in, it might be somewhat difficult or dangerous to speak of peace and especially to speak of why it is important to help those in need - the Syrian refugees. Without a doubt, create awareness of this saddening situation and speak of love.

The refugees are displaced inside of their own country. It is incredible how something so terrible can happen to a nation, and how lives can be lost because of unnecessary and stoppable wars.

2. Inspire with your actions.

With your actions and your ideas, the world can be changed for the better. Make sure that the change you create in the world is a positive one. With just one donation, a family can send their child to school, and education is one of the most important tools for a person's well-being and personality development.

Link to donate and change lives: https://donate.unhcr.org/gb-en/syria/

3. Respect others' opinions.

By respecting others' opinions, you are growing as a person because you understand that the value of their words is equal to the importance of yours. Accept opinions as they are said, but this does not include tolerating unfair action and not speaking up... like if someone's opinion was to discriminate against someone else based on their sexual preference. NO. If someone is being disrespectful to a person because of this (or whichever other situation of unfairness and violence), you should not accept it. Clearly, no personal opinion, belief or ideology permits someone to despise others. For this reason, as our awareness and sense of morals begins to heighten, we understand the differences between respecting opinions, defending others, etc.

In conclusion, as citizens of the 21st century... as our hearts strive to help those in need... as our inner voice wishes to be heard but our outer self doesn't allow it... as our eyes seek for a better horizon, united and firm in our values we stand. And our place on this planet is a valuable strand of change because the impacts that we can create can take the world to other levels of what is possible.

Helping the Syrian refugees and the people around the world as if we were all one family makes us and the world STRONGER. Syrians are going through unbelievable battles, facing bomb attacks and major peril so let's make a change in our society by demonstrating how relevant it is to help and give hope to those families in dire crisis situations. These people are people like you and me, with dreams, aspirations, but lacking opportunities that would take them high.

"While there is life, there is hope" -(Stephen Hawkings). While there is hope, there are dreams. Where there are dreams lies possibility. In possibility, resides action. And in action, lives change.

Make your mark on the world. Change the world for the better...


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