Helping A Friend Cheat On An Exam

In many of your classes, it may be awkward meeting and talking to people at first. But after a while, you tend to make some kind of connection with someone and make a friend, which can be a good thing considering that you meet new people every day and aren't really going to see each other after the semester ends. So it's good to have someone for the semester is to talk and relate issues with. But with that, it's good to know the limits and not push the limits to help them get the things by cheating or breaking rules.

Every college student can always relate that having too much and losing track of what needs to be done. Sometimes it's just the simple fact that work tends to get too much for them. That's when many college students decide to ask a peer for the work. When it comes to situations like that, it's good to think about the pros and cons of doing that. On one end, it's good because then they'll owe you the favor. But on the other end, it's bad because you're trusting they'll do a good job in tweaking the work so you both won't get caught. Although you may think it's a helpful thing to send someone your work, IT'S NOT.

Especially when it's important stuff like take-home exams. Take home exams? Yes, some professors will bless their students with the opportunity to take their exams home and bring them back to the next class or so. But even with that, students still either forget to do it or wait till last minute. Which is why they decide to hit up other students to get the work. Honestly, it's not worth it because you'll be helping them because there's a high chance you'll get caught. This may seem like a silly thing, but it's actually more common then people think. Don't risk your own hard work and good grade because of someone else's mistake.

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