Helpful or Harmful? Amazon Prime edition
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Helpful or Harmful? Amazon Prime edition

Amazon Prime is taking over my life for better and for worse.

Helpful or Harmful? Amazon Prime edition
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After recently checking my bank account, I noticed an OBSCENE amount of purchases. I thought it was fraud and I was ready to call the bank and cancel my card. Thankfully, I did a little digging and found out the only fraud was my frivolity after payday. I somehow managed to make 13 purchases within 2 weeks. Now, none of these purchases were terribly colossal, I can’t afford anything crazy. The problem comes into play when I realized that almost once a day for 2 WEEKS I decided I needed to buy something. Whether it be a phone case or a swimsuit, there was a point where comfortably typed my credit card number in and pressed place order 13 times in a row.

I know what you're thinking, “really Paige?!” Yes, really. The fact that I can order something and have it in two days, literally warms my heart. I’m a sucker for free shipping, and I have horrible priorities, I know that’s another story. But, receiving an amazon prime package is almost better than Christmas. I don’t have to anxiously wait for it all year long, and I don’t have to freeze in the winter snow while opening my packages! The only downside is that the I’m not using Santa’s credit card.

SIDENOTE: I actually don’t have an Amazon prime account myself, I have my brother's Amazon Prime account email and password. Same thing though, right?

Now onto whether or not it's helpful or harmful. In terms of money and my ~almost~ hoarding addiction, it’s lethal. If you’re looking to start saving money (I'm in too deep), I recommend you stay as far away from Amazon, and download some kind of budgeting app. I use, as you can tell it’s not helping.

In terms of literally anything else though, Amazon Prime is a God send. Students can use it too get their books, groceries, toiletries etc. You name it, Amazon has it. It’s versatility appeals to everybody. The prices are always reasonable if you're looking hard enough. AND HAVE I MENTIONED FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING. Now, before clicking away to go buy your subscription, I’ll give you the low-down here. It’s $99 a year, and SO SO SO worth every penny, especially if their not your pennies (thanks bro, I owe you one). For students, you can get your first 6 months free and then after only pay 50% after the 6 months end. If that’s still too much you could consider splitting that cost with a friend.

After gawking excessively over this service, I think it’s obvious that I am on Amazon prime's side. It is incredibly helpful and I 100 out of 10 recommend it to any and everybody. Also, if anyone from amazon is out there reading this feel free to sponsor me or something. I could go on for hours, and I desperately need the money after spending it all on your website.

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