What Could Heaven-On-Earth Look Like Besides The Life We Currently Live?
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What Could Heaven-On-Earth Look Like Besides The Life We Currently Live?

We have free food that grows for us, beautiful nature everywhere we look, and seven billion people to be best friends with, what more could we want?

What Could Heaven-On-Earth Look Like Besides The Life We Currently Live?

What could heaven on earth look like besides this? We have free food that grows for us, beautiful nature everywhere we look, and seven billion people to be best friends with. Take yourself away from what you're doing right now and follow me into a momentarily life-altering perspective for just a second. Go and observe the most seemingly ordinary object nearby that's a product of God's green earth.

I bet you never really looked at the bananas sitting on your counter before. I bet you never regarded a dandelion poking its rich, yellow, perfectly symmetrical petals upward toward the nourishing daytime sun with so much appreciation before. Go outside and lay your eyes upon a tree. You're probably thinking, "yeah, so what, it's a tree- I see them all the time." Ahh. But that's just it- you see them all the time, and for that very reason you have never truly seen one before.

Paradoxical it seems. The more mundane nature's inexplicable miracles become to our casual everyday observation, the less we actually SEE them and the more they become background details to us. As you are observing this tree, notice how the four letter, one syllable word we have arbitrarily assigned to this masterful creation of the universe is reduced to insignificance in our daily lives.

Put on your perspective cap with me now. This is a living, breathing organism that is part of a species just like you and I. It has a family like you and me; it communicates, feels pain, and has a will to survive just like you and I. It needs water, food, a good home, and sunlight like you and me, and it grows baby trees that carry on the wisdom of the world gained by the long lifetime of parent trees.

It grows upward toward the sky to take in food from the sun, while it grows just as impressively down deep into the earth to suck up the vital nutrients that somehow came fully stocked in the dirt beneath our feet.

This earth gives the tree all it needs to extend its prominence high in the sky for us all to see and find utter joy in its wonderfully beautiful leaves. Their presence strikes deep down in our soul's desire for beauty. It lifts our spirits and we stare at it the same way as a newborn baby-- with the highest regard for one of God's jaw-dropping natural wonders.

It's the dirty work hidden from our eyes that take the real credit though, stretching out down beneath the ground to serve selflessly for the growth of limbs and branches and spectacular leaves high above that reap the benefits of hardworking roots. Sounds a lot like us right? Doing the dirty work down inside ourselves so that our external self can enjoy the benefits of living life and loving each other.

Ever notice how symbiotic our relationship to trees is? Oxygen is the most essential element to our survival as humans, and conveniently trees create it for us as a byproduct when they take in CO2. Interesting that CO2 also conveniently happens to be what we breathe out after we take in the oxygen they produce for us. Hmmm, trees need CO2 to breathe, while we need oxygen, and we both give out what the other needs. That must just be by silly chance, huh?

Now, look back at that banana sitting on the counter. Do you see this merely as a tasty snack, or instead as a product of a selfless living creation of nature that grew from one tiny seed within the nutritious, life-giving soil that gave it all it needed to become a tree, which could then give little banana embryos the home they need to ripen into healthy delicious fruits that our bodies love?

Our bodies also came from a little seed way back then just like the banana. You peel off the protective layer that was ingeniously built into the genes of this banana, allowing us the pleasure of uncasing the untouched, perfectly crafted sweet indulgence of nature's soft, caring hands.

Keep in mind that this process was due to no effort of our own by the way. Instead, we just step back and let good old nature take the wheel and give us what's most healthy for our body, mind, and soul. None of the bad stuff that we have manufactured to put in our bodies that gave us health issues that we then need to manufacture a medicine to heal. We have found ourselves in this hopeless cycle when the leaves of the trees were designed by God to give us every health benefit we could want.

From the amazing healing powers of green tea, chamomile, matcha, and thousands of other potent healing herbs of our forests, to the sweet and satisfying lemon, peppermint, lavender, raspberry leaf, and on and on and on... our God gave us what we need and even some extra things on the side just for our enjoyment. It's beyond believable that we have been provided all we could ever want and need to have the purest heaven on earth.

From the fruits and vegetables that magically grow from dirt to provide us the healthiest substances, to the healing potential of our plants to ensure us long-lasting physical and mental health. It was all given to us without us lifting a finger. All that could lead to a true heaven on earth has been put here for us to enjoy. And WE have all been put here for each other to enjoy. Yet we look for another kind of heaven.

We hope we can get to heaven one day. But here is the life-altering perspective... You are already here. You've found heaven, and that is God's test for mankind. To open our eyes and see that what is all around us is an absolute miracle, even though it has become normal to us amidst our busy everyday routines.

The millions of incredible animals that keep the food chain in perfect order, to the trees and plants with every food and medicine we could imagine, to the setting pink sun at night that leaves us in awe of this planet's unreal beauty.

As human beings, we often fail to recognize our opportunity for a blissful heaven each time the sun magically rises over the horizon to offer us new hope for a better day. A new tradition among this one big earth, a family of people, trees, and animals that are all the same. To celebrate each other, to wake up and realize that every race, religion, culture, and background brings in an irreplaceable piece to puzzle of finding joy in our differences and walking hand-in-hand toward the future.

This future is as bright as the sunrise that extends its welcoming arms toward us every twenty-four hours, without missing a day or losing any hope. We all collectively have the opportunity as natures most powerful species to create a heaven right here, right now. But only if we want to. Do you?

Ask yourself what could possibly look like more of a heaven than what's right in front of you. Just the fact that you keep breathing without even thinking about it as you read this article is something that should bewilder you. This world is beautiful, so I say we take a step back, find a new perspective, and start focusing on our beautiful planet earth.

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