As someone who thrives on caffeine, just like many other college students, the constant need and desire for it can get expensive depending on how often and what you order. Also depending on what you order, you could be getting more of a sugar rush than a caffeine kick.

Personally, I don't like sugary, high calorie drinks. Throughout the years I've been drinking coffee, I have spent the time experimenting different ways to order coffee so that it is on the healthier side, and that tastes good to drink (because why waste calories drinking something if it doesn't taste good?)

Here's a list of my healthiest go-to iced coffee drinks :) They are all definitely under 100 calories– even ventis!

1. (Basic) Iced Coffee w/ Milk

Grande is ~$3.55

Order your iced coffee unsweetened to save on calories and sugar.

Choose a milk if you can't tolerate the bold taste of iced coffee.

I prefer almond milk because it has less calories and sugar– depending where you go they may use unsweetened or sweetened almond milk. (Almond milk is also vegan friendly).

**Sugar in the raw (brown packets at Starbucks mix station) is something I throw in if I want it on the sweeter side– it's better to add natural sugar vs a syrup

2. (Basic) Iced Coffee, Milk + Flavor

Grande ~$4.19

Order your iced coffee the same way as above, but then add a sugar free flavor.

I always go for the skinny mocha sauce (two pumps is good for a grande size if you really like chocolate).

**The skinny mocha is sugar free and obviously made from chocolate so it is more natural than a liquid syrup.

I know there is a debate between regular syrup vs. sugar free syrup– but in my world, I want to save the calories and skip the excess sugar. I'll take the processed sugar alcohol, thank you.

3. Bold (Plain Black Iced or Hot Coffee)

Grande (hot coffee) – ~$2.39

Grande (iced coffee) -~2.89

Order your iced coffee unsweetened! If you want to save calories, don't go for the cream. If you really need a liquid to take some of the flavor away from the coffee, ask for a splash of milk!

**Add sugar in the raw or another sweetener on the mixing station of you really can't stand the taste!

**Liquid stevia could also be purchased at a grocery store for another healthier alternative and just mix in yourself!

(SEASONAL) Pumpkin Iced Coffee!

Grande - ~$3.55

Obviously when it is Fall and you are a coffee lover, you HAVE TO HAVE a pumpkin spice latte at some point. But if you are like ~most~ PSL lovers, you want one all the time. PSLs may become your go-to coffee order in the Fall before Winter drinks are released.

Last year I experimented and found an order that is healthier, cheaper and still tastes good!

1) Order unsweetened iced coffee

2) Ask for almond milk

3) Ask for 2 pumps of pumpkin (depending on size choice and your taste preference this may change)

4) Ask for 1 pump of sugar free cinnamon dulce syrup

With this version, you are cutting the pumpkin sauce in half and making the base of your drink more iced coffee than milk. You will save calories and sugar by reducing both!

(SEASONAL) Peppermint Iced Mocha Iced Coffee!

Grande ~$3.55

This is my favorite Starbucks drink of all time. I cannot wait until November 1st when holiday drinks are dropped.

1) Order an unsweetened iced coffee

2) Order either nonfat milk or soy milk – almond doesn't taste the best with this one, but choose whatever you want, because again coffee will be the base of this drink, so don't need to stress about milk calories.

3) Ask for skinny mocha sauce (I like 3 pumps in a grande)

4) Then ask for 1 pump of peppermint syrup – 2 if you like it really strong and minty.

**Unfortunately, the sugar free peppermint syrup was discontinued, so regular syrup is the only way to go. Each pump has ~15 calories from sugar.

Same as the PSL, you are switching the base of your drink from milk to coffee, which saves calories. You are also switching from regular mocha to skinny. You are also cutting the peppermint syrup by half, which also saves!