Health Care and Republicans
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Health Care and Republicans

Obamacare = Affordable Care Act? Never heard of it

Health Care and Republicans

If you have been listening to the news lately, you would have heard that the House passed a measure that would repeal and replace Obamacare - or as others don’t know to call it, the Affordable Care Act.

That’s right everyone, Obamacare is simply a nickname for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They are truly one in the same.

So by repealing Obamacare, you are in turn repealing the ACA. That means that all the thousands of individuals who have yet to realize this, you too are being revoked of your health care, along with the other 24 million people it covers.

But when Trump and his Republican cabinet learned of this, they did what any normal individual who just took a step towards revoking 24 million Americans of health care would do, they celebrated.

In order to further show the importance of Obamacare, or the ACA is you prefer that, and what more will happen if it is replaced, let me lay down some facts.

Under the ACA, Americans are able to get health insurance even if they are sick. Under the GOP, it would not explicitly eliminate it; however, states would be allowed to seek out waivers from several consumer protections.

Under the ACA, insurers must offer a basic set of benefits, including mental health, prescription drugs and maternity care. Under the GOP, states would be allowed to scale back on benefits, and things like rape, mental illnesses and C-sections would become pre-existing conditions (therefore not guaranteed to be covered or insured).

Under the ACA, insurers are required to provide a basic set of benefits including pediatric care and contraceptives. Planned Parenthood also receives federal funding for family planning and other medical services used by Medicaid recipients (Abortion cannot be funded with federal dollars). Under the GOP, Medicaid recipients would not longer receive those benefits, and would be barred from providing funding for health clinics that provide abortion services (even though abortion isn’t federally funded, and those clinics do a whole lot more than just abortion).

Fun Fact: Abortion only makes up 3% of the services provided at Planned Parenthood.

Lastly, under the ACA, taxpayers with incomes over $250,000 are taxed more. Under the GOP, this will be eliminated.

So knowing the facts, and knowing that about 24 millions Americans would become uninsured, ask yourself this question: Is it really worth it?
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