Healing from what hurt you.
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Healing from what hurt you.


In this life we come across many different people some are kind, some are funny and some are just simply cruel. Astonishing as it sounds there are people that are all of these things they just hide their cruel nature, much like a chamaeleon hides there existence in plain sight.

I think every person has had some sort of moment in their life when they have been "two faced".. but you also have those people who are two faced and that is simply their way of life. Therefore, I personally have been victimized by several people that live this way. So here is a word of advice to whoever may be dealing with this..

I know you have tried to be good to that person or those people. I know you have forgiven them time and time again, but it just blows up in your face. I know you have caught them in an unrealistic amount of lies and you just continue on without saying anything. You eventually let this toxicity get into your head by manipulation,they then have full control of your happiness.

At this point you continue letting this person or people destroy you. All you want is happiness in a dark situation.. you don't know which way to turn. You think "I'll just be cordial and everything will be fine." "You ask yourself why am I being treated this way?" "Why would someone talk about me like I am nothing to them; then treat me as if I am the best person in the world to my face?"

Well I have finally found an answer to that question, this person or people see something in you that they lack. They want something that you have. It could be your talent, your relationship, your happiness etc. They will try to ruin every ounce of happiness you have because they aren't happy themselves. So just remember confidence is silent and insecurity is loud!

For a long while you may be silent you may have anxiety, depression and anger living deep inside you... I know I did. Then, it all comes to head you have had enough! You tell this person or people what you've been holding in for so long.. and at that moment you have taken control of you and your happiness. Therefore,they have lost it.. and when a toxic person looses control they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair. But you must stay above it trusting that other people will see the truth just as you did. This person thinks they have done no wrong, you are the bad person now. All because you stood up to them and called them out on their bs and they can't handle it. But don't sweat it what goes around comes around!

Once I took control of my happiness..

I reached a whole new outlook on my life and you might just do the same. I realized that I would rather have an enemy that openly puts me down instead of having a friend that "secretly" puts me down. Once that realization was made I distanced myself and that is my advice to you. "To find peace you must be willing to loose the connection with the people that create all the noise."

Lastly, you are allowed to terminate toxic relationships. You are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you. You are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving. You don't owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself. Those toxic people have caused you nothing but harm. Separate yourself, build your life, build your happiness and know your worth and everything will be just fine.

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