He Is Not Worth Your Time
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He Is Not Worth Your Time

A 3rd person, subjective perspective on male archetypes encountered in today's dating scene.

He Is Not Worth Your Time
Cha Cha

I have seen so many relationships form and end within my life thus far. Most of the time I could have predicted why it would come crashing down in the end. Allow me to preface this by saying I am far from perfect. I wouldn't date me.

I people watch and pick apart people's behaviors. On top of doing that and applying common sense, it truly isn't hard to spot a guy who is a deadbeat. I feel bad for you, ladies. Sometimes some truly feckless, contemptible men will run some fantastic game. They can deceive the smartest of women. Allow me, a male, to point out some red flags that mean he may not be worth your time. Bear in mind, these are trends I have observed and may not be true in all cases.

This article will be featuring the emotionally aware Harry Styles who will help in administering the truth to you.

1. Has a jacked up pickup/sports car etc. and nothing else.


Too often, I have seen girls fall for the scuzzy guy with a nice vehicle. Chances are he didn't even buy the vehicle. These guys tend to be egocentric and will likely cheat on you with some girl named Ashley. If his vehicle is nice, if it is his most precious possession, then I would bet you are not going to step in and take the number one spot.

2. He receives/received bad grades in school

Failing classes isn't cool. Dropping out isn't cool. Being illiterate isn't cool. Guys who don't get good grades (I mean straight F's) don't tend to be soulmate material. Ladies, dump your idiot before he creates a generation in you.

3. He openly and very rudely disrespects his parents

This is birthgiver we are talking about folks! If you see a man disrespecting his parents, his momma, you need to get out now. Good point, sassy Harry. Thanks for bringing it up!

4. He asks you to pay his bills

This is some fairy-tale level stupid. I heard a story I am fairly certain is true. A girl, who shall not be named, helped her boyfriend resolve the debt he incurred buying some vehicle, dirt bike, etc. This resulted in her struggling to afford a prom dress. Spoiler alert, this kind of situation was a common occurrence. Moral of the story: you is not a damn bank. #staywoke

5. If you see him checking apps like Tinder while on a date with you

Oddly enough, this scenario happened to one of my friends. My friend was the guy who got caught "Tindering" while on a date. We were both sure that he done goofed. This girl then proceeded to ask this dumbo out the next day. Ladies, say no to guys who Tinder on the first date. Sassy Harry demands it!

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