15 Looks From The First Season of Euphoria, Reviewed
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15 Looks From 'Euphoria' That'll Slay At The First Frat Party Of The Year

There's NO WAY you're not going to make an impression with these!

15 Looks From 'Euphoria' That'll Slay At The First Frat Party Of The Year

If you haven't watched HBO's newest release, Euphoria then you have been missing out on some MAJOR LOOKS.

HBO's newest show stars Zendaya as Rue, a recovering drug addict, and her crazy life navigating through a California high school. Makeup artist Doniella Davy SLAYS the makeup game in this show by pushing out bold look after bold look that will have you reaching for your makeup brushes. Here are 15 of my favorites from the show's first season.

1. Rue's ICONIC Purple Tears

Instagram / @donni.davy

Who doesn't love a good glitter moment?

2. Jules' Blue Glitter Shadow

Instagram / @donni.davy

Simple yet sophisticated...

3. Maddy's Bold Red Wings

Instagram / @donni.davy

The subtlety of the red and blue makes this an easy and iconic look.

4. Jules' Neon Pattern

Instagram / donni.davy

Perfect for the summer or anytime to add a pop of color to an outfit.

5. Rue And Jules' Matching Glitter Accents

Instagram / donni.davy

For Bid Day?

6. Jules' More Subtle Neon Looks

Instagram / donni.davy

Simple and subtle, yet stunning.

7.... And Bolder Looks Too

Instagram / @donny.davy

Jules is the queen we wish we could all be.

8. Maddy's Glammed Wing

Instagram / @donni.davy

Can't imagine how this would feel on, but it looks great for pictures.

9...  And Her Softer Look

Instagram / donni.davy

Major Cinderella vibes.

10... And Her Darker Look

Instagram / donni.davy

Love the dark midnight looks.

11. Jules' Angelic Gold Leaf

Instagram / donni.davy

Truly angelic in every way.

12. Kat's LEWK

Instagram / donni.davy

Kat is just a bold girl that is a mood and a lifestyle all in one.

13. Cassie's Bold Eye And Lip

Instagram / @donni.davy


14. Anna's Bold Everything

Instagram / @donni.davy

I don't know where one would really wear this, but who cares?

15. Maddy's Chained Liner

Instagram / @donny.davy

Always classy.

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