Why Hazel Park, MI Is The Best Hometown
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You Know You're From Hazel Park When These Are Your 15 Hometown Favorites

12. The drunk pirate at the memorial day fair every year.

Hazel Park Mural

Growing up in Hazel Park has its ups and downs but this month, with myself leaving for college I found myself being nostalgic over my tiny neighborhood. These are just a few of the things that make Hazel Park what it is and make it the place I am proud to say I belong to.

1. The endless ice cream opportunities.

Whether it's Dairy Park, Doug's Delight or The Split, our little 2x2 mile city has three ice cream shops to choose from! You can never go wrong with a peanut butter milkshake.

2. Limited (but quality) choices for elementary school.


Hazel Park only has a few options for elementary school so if you've been in Hazel Park your whole life you either went to Webster, Webb, United Oaks, Ford or Hoover.

3. Cheap gas prices.


The gas on Eight Mile and John R is so cheap you might want to dance around in it. Just kidding, all jokes aside, the gas prices here are cheaper by up to ten cents compared to neighboring gas stations.

4. Delicious 24 hour food venues.

Country Boy and Brayz are on my top ten list for foods in all of metro Detroit. The burgers from Brayz on Wednesday are only a dollar and Country Boy always has great specials. Whether you're looking for late night grub or a tasty hangover meal, these places will rock your socks.

5. Home town party stores.


The party store in Hazel Park are your normal corner stores, but what makes them special is the people who work there. Pop Top Liquor, Park Liquor, and Pointe Liquor have the kindest workers and they are always cracking jokes and being friendly.

6. Recreation center sports.


Playing soccer and volleyball through the Rec Center were some of my favorite memories as a kid. It taught me resilience and a lot about dedication and teamwork. It was always harmless fun and good organized sport to participate in.

7. Accessible fast food options.


Okay okay I know that EVERY city has fast food but in what city is it so accessible? The McDonald's is right by the expressway and having Taco Bell right next to the high school is every Mexican lover's dream! It's different that Hazel Park has everything within a two-mile radius.

8. The Ice Arena and the tree lighting ceremonies.

Having our very one ice arena in our city has always been really cool to me. I loved going ice skating pretty much at my convenience and the tree lighting ceremony we have every year always makes me feel like a kid again. I love getting together with my community and singing Christmas carols and meeting Santa.

9. Always getting caught leaving for lunch by the golf cart security guard.


Being an underclassman at Hazel Park High meant you weren't allowed to leave for lunch, but like I mentioned earlier Taco Bell was down the street so that doesn't mean freshman followed rules. The security guard, bless her heart, that would chase us down on the golf cart always ruined my day. Looking back at it now, it was pretty hilarious.

10. The Hazel Park Race Track fireworks.

I know the Race Track is closing but it wouldn't be a proper Hazel Park post without mentioning it. I loved going to the Race Track for the fireworks as a kid. My aunt lived so close I could sit in her front yard and watch the whole show and it was such a family bonding experience.

11. Mabel Gray/Joe Bar

The newest addition to Hazel Park on this list would be Mabel Gray and Joe Bar. I think these two places bring a lot of spice and nightlife to Hazel Park making it more of a downtown destination. Although I haven't tried their food yet, I've heard amazing reviews, and their drinks specials are great!

12. The drunk pirate at the memorial day fair every year.


Every year at the Memorial Day fair without hesitation I see this man dressed as Jack Sparrow walking around the beer tent. Since I was a kid, this as become a staple for me. If you visit the fair, make sure to look out for him and maybe buy him another beer.

13. Running the mile in junior high was running around Scout Park.


Does anyone else remember this from junior high? We were required to run a mile in gym class and we had to do it in under thirteen minutes but instead of running in the gym like normal kids, we went to the park down the street and ran around Scout Park three times! I remember walking the last lap and Mr. England said I barely made time.

14. New high school football field in 2014.

Ed Lane

When the millage passed in 2013 to give us a new football/soccer field, we never imagined it would be as beautiful as it is. Now we have a nice field to host home games and tournaments on, and it helped put Hazel Park Sports on the map. In 2014, two sports teams, Women's Volleyball and Women's Soccer both won District Championship trophies.

15. Great friends from childhood that you will keep forever.

I can happily say that the best friends I ever made were from my childhood. Growing up with the same group of girls since junior high has been full of roller coaster dips and turns but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Hazel Park gave me that opportunity to not only go to school with my best friends, but also let my friends live close to me (two just around the block)!

Hazel Park is a special place not only because of these things, but it's the sense of community, of loving your neighbor and being a good person. Thanks for teaching me right HP. I miss you already.

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