The past couple of articles, I've asked my parents for help on what I should write about. A majority of the time, my mom would say, "My mom has a pottymouth and that's OK."

Well, Mom, this one is for you.

Of course, when kids are young, parents have to be careful of what they say around their children because of the potential of their kids picking up the language at a young age. That goes the same with adults when in a setting with a bunch of young children. When I was a summer camp volunteer, I had to be careful of what I said because I could get in big trouble.

I've learned how to have a filter, and it'll also help with my major and my future profession.

But when it comes to my parents, that's a different story now than what it was when my brother and I weren't teenagers in high school and college.

I'm 19, and my brother Joey is 15. In an age like this with the news and social media, we can get exposed to a lot of words and news. At this age, I would be told stories about how my parents would swear in the car when something happens and they would completely forget about me or Joey in the back seat and then suddenly a small voice will pipe up.

But now, it's almost like they have no filter.

For example, the day before the Fourth of July I drove with my dad to get ice cream. We were listening to the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians game. Something happened in the game that didn't go the way we wanted it to go and my dad is saying shit and bitch while I'm here trying to drive.

At this point, no one really cares.

Of course, there are words that we aren't allowed to say (I'm not saying them) for their derogatory meanings, but the two of us know not to say them.

Yes, my mom is a pottymouth. My dad is also a pottymouth.

What about Joey and I?

Well, we get it from two badass parents.