Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel And Tough World
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Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel And Tough World

It's an exception, not a limitation.

Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel And Tough World

If you find yourself here reading this, it's probably because of the title. You relate to this don't you? Your heart and kind soul is probably the only thing you feel like you've got going for you at times. However, ever so often you're told or made to feel like you're "too sensitive" or "too emotional", mainly because of how hard you put yourself into situations. Quite frequently, you most likely find yourself reacting intensely to things, regardless of what it may be. And through conditioning and re-occurrence, you've been taught and made to feel by others, that your soft heart is a weakness and that's how you see it.

"They'll chew you up and spit you out faster than you can blink". This is something I heard and was told by people over and over again repeatedly. The qualities and traits of kindness, compassion and genuineness is abused and many times, taken for granted. Within this huge world we find ourselves being caught up and dragged down by the hustle and bustle. We are viewed as being push overs within the hectic chaos of life, which also deems us as powerless and useless in the ranks of social standings.

We always hear the saying that "the nice guy or girl always finishes last, at the bottom". And while it can be true sometimes, I want you to know that, that is not indefinitely the case. Having a soft heart makes you a pretty good person in various people's eyes and if you're patient enough, it usually allows you to attract the same or similar type of people. I know that you can regularly be led astray and hurt by the cruel society that surrounds us. Yet, in such a tough and hurtful place, you need to remember who you are. You need to continue to spread passion and an essence of goodness, despite the under appreciation and maltreatment you receive. I want you to know that there is nothing wrong or bad about being softhearted. In fact, hold the remembrance that being kind and sincere makes you unique.

Keep being positive and supportive when others try to drag you down. Know that you are not selfish and there can be joy and even rewards, in uplifting others. I want you to know that having a soft heart and kind soul, is the very thing that keeps the world together. You are the glue. So, thank you for your heartfelt thoughts and desires. With that being said, you probably often find yourself feeling like you carry the weight of the world and its strain, on your shoulders. Once again, I'm going to be the one to say thank you. It's not your responsibility, but please know that you are an amazing person for doing it.

As I stated before, your softness doesn't make you weak, but instead it symbolizes a notion of strength. You need to be aware of the fact that you don't have to act tough, because we of all people know that the world and its factors, is the toughest thing to exist. Let your soft exterior and interior shine brightly through the tainted shadows of the world. After all, it may just be the guiding light at the end of someone's deep, dark tunnel. It might surprise you, but your soft heart and your personality traits that accompany it, can be the very thing that someone needs or is looking for.

No matter how much this cruel world tries to bring you down, do not endear or play into it. Your warm heart makes you courageous and exceptional. Your strong emotions are not burdens and your willingness to do what's best or right, is something that many others need to learn from. You are special and your eagerness to accept is not a problem. The world that is trying to suffocate you and limit your outstanding qualities is the problem. So, please do not blame yourself.

You see, I want you to know and be aware of the notion that your genuine heart and soul is rare. You are a rarity. You are one of a kind. You are a true novelty that should grow and break through the hard surface that tries to hold you back. Embrace it. You have a gift. A gift that pushes you to try and see the good in people regardless of how many times they've done you wrong or used you. It's a treasure that should be valued. Just remember not to be blind when it comes to seeing your own value and self worth. Please recognize that you are so valuable and of so much worth. It would be a shame to lose you. To lose your overshadowing but inspiriting heart, in a world full of hate, jealousy and judgement.

While it may seem like world and its people or even the universe itself, does not, please know that you are appreciated. Thank you for being honest and sincere. Thank you for being enthusiastic and optimistic in a world where pessimism and negativity thrive. I know others will call you unrealistic and label you and you kind heart as being a "dreamer" or a "visionary", but don't worry, that's a good thing. Don't feel defeated and remember to never take those who hold you back, along with the world itself, too seriously.

Your soft heart and kind soul is going to lead the world one day at a time. You're going to make the world just a little bit better just by being who you are, a softhearted person. Do not feel pressured or influenced to hide who you are, how you feel and your emotions. Who you are is valid and extraordinary, regardless of those who may tell you, you aren't. Always try to be your true, authentic self and be ready to approach the struggles of life with a skip in your step and a positive mindset. I know it wont always be easy. In fact, it's going to be hard and there will be setbacks, but just remember who you are and what you have going for you throughout it all.

Having a soft heart in this cruel and tough world does not make you fragile or broken. It does not make you easily wounded or hurt. It does not mean you're overly sensitive or too emotional and it does not, make you any less of a person than anyone else.

Having a soft heart in a cruel and tough world, makes you, you.

And I must say, you are pretty fucking special.

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