9 Times Throwing Mom's Rules Out The Window And Having A Male Roommate Was Your Best Decision
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9 Times Throwing Mom's Rules Out The Window And Having A Male Roommate Was Your Best Decision


9 Times Throwing Mom's Rules Out The Window And Having A Male Roommate Was Your Best Decision

Don't get me wrong, sometimes it sucks. He can be unbelieveably gross, lead a completely different lifestyle, or he's not as supportive as your mother hoped he'd be. But living with your male friend doesn't have to be daunting, and here's why! (Disclaimer: personal experiences may differ.)

1. You learn not to give a shit.

As with any new roommate, you might feel self-conscious about your quirks, habits, and just SELF. With guys, too, you might feel self-conscious about not wearing any make up or not being the epitome of grace and class at all times. But after a while, you just have to be yourself. You'll soon realize it's all in your head and nobody else cares. Want to walk around your own place without a bra on? Girl, you do you.

2. You learn to communicate.

There is no time for passive aggressiveness. If you want something done or changed or if you feel a certain way about something, you have to SPEAK. He will not understand you otherwise.

3. When you're gross and lazy — he gets it.

Cut yourself some slack because he sure does.

4. He's refreshing.

If you're usually surrounded by your girlfriends, coming home to a dude, whose attitude towards you is comparably different, can be really refreshing. Take a break from girl drama and insecurities. Hang out with a guy who isn't as thin-skinned as you and has a sense of humor that might differ from your other friends'.

5. Being domestic is somewhat humorous.

He probably doesn't dance while he cleans. But there's a certain kind of entertainment when you see him struggle, or when he realizes how easily you lose motivation to clean your room, or just the sheer fact that you're so in sync and so... domestic.

6. He leaves you alone and it's (more than) perfectly fine.

Living with girls, you are sometimes (maybe all the time?) put under pressure of doing everything together. If you don't, they might fear that you're either not that great of friends, you're mad at them, or that you're "going through something." With your male roommate, however, you both have your own spaces, your own interests, and your own squads. You do you and he'll do him. I.e. Your introvert self gets a mega BREAK.

7. But the times you DO hang out are so much fun.

You guys chose each other as roommates for a reason. You're both awesome, you like spending time together, and you mesh.

8. You learn from each other.

You said it, Obama.

9. You realize that gender doesn't matter and he's just a great person to live with.

That's you, giving him a big hug full of love. That's him, not hugging you back. (But he's cool so whatever.)

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