I Haven't Shaved My Legs In 6 Months
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I Haven't Shaved My Legs In 6 Months

Know that you are beautiful no matter how long your leg hair is.

I Haven't Shaved My Legs In 6 Months
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I remember turning 13, hitting puberty, and discovering the wonder that is body hair. Like everyone else, I went from smooth skin to having hair on my face, in my armpits, covering my legs, etc. AUGH! I hated it! I had hair on my head and suddenly there was hair everywhere.

I remember the first time I shaved my pits. I remember it because my older sister showed me how, and later, when I told my mom, she said, "I wish you hadn't done that, because now it will become a necessity." Boy, she was right.

It became a necessity. I did everything I could to have the smoothest legs; and hairless pits. I even shaved my arms! It was as if I couldn't let people know I had body hair. If I had gone a week or so without shaving, I would NOT wear anything that showed my legs. NOPE. It could have been in the 90s (or higher) and I would insist on wearing pants.

This went on for so long. It became an addiction at some point. I would even shave my legs in the WINTER. I had to have the smooth skin.

Then, something changed in me when I started college.

I went from being high maintenance (this including the constant shaving, 2+ hours every morning to get ready, and more) to being extremely lackadaisical about my appearance.

Some of the biggest changes were my makeup and shaving habits. I went from a full face of makeup every day to maybe eyeliner once a week. I also stopped shaving my legs constantly. I started shaving maybe once a month, or for special occasions. Then, well, I stopped altogether.

Around came January, and I had given up on shaving my legs in general. I went to a wedding a month or so ago and I didn't shave for it. I realized something the longer my leg hair grew: no one cares. I understand that I am blessed with blonde hair, and therefore have light body hair. However, it has gotten to be about an inch in length and is relatively noticeable. Yet, I don't care.

I constantly wear shorts. Heck, if I wear pants I usually end up changing. It has been a HOT summer. The only comments I get on my leg hair are the ones I give myself when I say "wow, my leg hair has gotten super long".

The point of this whole article is to let you know that the standards I once thought were so important (the makeup, the smooth legs, etc) are not as important as I thought. No one cares if you don't have makeup on; at least in my experience. If someone cares that you have leg hair then they really should get over themselves (sorry, not sorry).

Embrace your natural beauty. Or don't. It's really up to what you feel comfortable with. Just know that you are beautiful no matter how long your leg hair is.

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