Me, “Hi, I’m Sydney and I am a coffee addict”

Others in the room, “Hi Sydney.”

I’m a coffee addict. I know it. My day does not start until I have coffee. I start my day with medicine and turning on the Keurig. (By far the best wedding present anyone could get). I’m not the only one with the addiction too, not in my house, not in my state, not in the world.

My coffee of choice is obviously the college girl choice; Starbucks of almost any sort. During the fall, it is usually a PSL or a Salted Caramel Mocha. As for my K-Cups, anything sweet. Really the Cinnabon is amazing, and the Starbucks, and the Doughnut Shop. As long as it is sweet I’m really down with it.

But my first cup is my breakfast chaser. Then it is to my office, armed with another cup. Depending on the day it takes 3-5 cups. When I am not working, I’m probably going to the bathroom, because well, gotta love coffee.

Passing a Starbucks? Yeah, that never happens. If I wake up entirely too tired, I’ll even make a special trip. I used to wake up early for school just to get Starbucks. I always have at least one free drink on their rewards, just for a rainy day or if I need a Venti. When I was not doing all of my school online, I would spend $15-$20 a week on Starbucks. I worked my summers since I was 13, basically to feed my coffee addiction. (Raise up our cups to being broke just to feed our love). My cashback on my credit card is all from refilling my card. I am a Gold Star Member until 2019. Yeah, two whole years. Any Starbucks I go to constantly, they know my main couple orders. Most baristas know at least hot or cold off of the weather. I have a 70 degrees limit to get a frapp.

Really, my whole family but my Dad is hooked on coffee. It runs through the genes. Some families pass down hair loss, alcohol addiction, aggressiveness, and I mean diseases. My family, coffee addiction. My mom gets a headache if she goes a day without coffee, and I am well on my way.

While I know that I could have a worse addiction like drugs, or binge drinking, I mean coffee is a staple to my day. But hey old habits die hard. So, for those of us that do not speak until that first sip, I raise my overly sweet caffeinated drink to you. From those of us who like it sweet, to those of us who like it strong, keep on enjoying each cup. There is no shame at all. Besides, mugs are a great Christmas gift.

Raise up those coffee cups, and start the day, or afternoon, or whenever!